Snacking my way through Japan

Japan is known for it's cute snacks and cute everything. it's addicting especially when i'm a sucker for packaging lol

these are from a poplar chain all around japan. it's called tokyo banana. sponge cakes that are shaped like bananas with a chocolate banana flavored creme inside. the banana flavor isn't very strong and it's delish plus there's this cute spotted pattern on it!

i became a little obsessed with ice cream vending machines. literally they were everywhere and even as cold as it was i couldn't resist these treats. this was a waffle with vanilla ice cream and some sort of red bean paste inside. it was delicious. 

sake chocolates. these were a great idea BUT they're gross. the outside is dark chocolate and the inside has sake in it BUT there's a layer of salt or sugar and together the mixture isn't that great. not. at. all.

vending machines are abundant everywhere. this can was too cute not to try and it was hot too so that was a plus in the cold weather. it was a banana flavored chocolate drink


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