TWOOOO posts in one week. Whaaat!?

Hey ya guys!

See another update!! How's everyone doing!? 

The weather in Hong Kong is killing me. It's so muggy and yet it rains ALL the time.

You just can't win ... welll I guess since it's raining you can go shopping INDOORS all the time =)

I had to replenish my favorite foundation. Well scratch that. I had to grab a new color because I'm not tan over here and my NC40 is too damn dark. The MAC make up is pretty ok priced here but still its around 10 bucks more so I might just wait til I get home to get more stuff.

You can't buy Urban Decay here unless you want to pay someone who bought it from UD and is reselling it to you. i always feel sketchy about that stuff so I didn't want rick it. I do have my MAC Fix+ and my UD face setting spray but incase I ever run out I wanted to check out my options. 

I found this at SaSa. I've tried it a couple of times and I honestly have to say it depends om your foundation. If I use it with MAC, it doesn't work. The spray makes my face even more tacky and doesn't set it. But if I use this with my Revlon Colorstay it works. Weird.

I'm doing a lot of traveling for work so I picked up some travel goodies. Mini shampoos and conditioners and lotion.

Everyone loves their lashes here so I bought a lash case. I plan on wearing more lashes!

I found this inside a Watson's. It's like CVS. I actually like it a lot. It's called watery shine and it really does give your lips that watery gloss look. It looks just like the Dior clear gloss but cost waaay cheaper!

Cheers for now! More posts to come!


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