Mini haul plus updates!

In Chinese cultures, we don't hold baby showers. We hold a 100 day birthday celebration instead. It's exactly like it sounds. On the baby's 100 day birthday parents hold a banquet and celebrate. 

My cousin recently had a baby. She's 6 months old now, but when she was 100 days I wore this pretty blue dress to her banquet. It's from Forever21.

I had to get it altered and even that was too long #smh

My mani from then as well. I have no idea what the color is, but getting gel manis here are so cheap. I have a different color every 2 weeks. 

Last little bits. I picked up a few things before I had my mani. 

I've been having a little issue with my skin over here. I don't know if it's the pollution or if it's just me wearing makeup everyday but I'm breaking out like crazy. It's all on my chin too. My family says it's because that's the digestive area?? No idea, chinese traditional medicine is what they're referring to.

I picked up these 2 concealers. The first one is like a stick. It's too drying for me and doesn't cover redness. The 2 things I need covered so fails.

The second one is a tinted spot cream and the texture is almost like a BB cream. It's sheer and kinda tacky. I find that I can't use it alone. It works really well over another concealer. That defeats the purpose tho right?!

Last item is a Revlon lip balm. I think it's dicontinued because I can't find it in any other SaSa's. It's perfect for using underneath your lipstick. Makes your lips all smooth!


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