Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012

I have to rave about one of my favorite programs. It's not only for beauty bloggers but anyone can join the website. It's a great place to meet people, review products, and try new things! I've been with this website since they first started and I have to say, they haven't disappointed me.

The website is called Influenster and what you do is fill out surverys about your favorite things. The survey leads to badges and whenever you complete a survey, you unlock a badge. The website chooses certain candidates yo receive samples to review and try and I qualified to receive the Beauty Blogger VoxBox!! Yaaay! This is my 2nd VoxBox for 2012. 

If you want more information or to sign up for Influenster then be sure to click here

Ta daaaa! This is my box!

  • Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin
  • Not Your Mothers Smooth Moves: Frizz Control Hair Cream
  • NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact: Brown Eyes
  • EBOOST in Orange
  • Bath & Body Works Mini Candles: Cider Lane
  • Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit
  • Vitabath Fragrance Mist: Beach Blossom 

  • All these products were sent to me to review. I do not receive any money for my review and as always everything is my honest opinion.

    I'll be back soon with reviews on what I loved and didn't love about this box. Anyone else receive this box?

    Random Sunday Thoughts

    I'm still getting used to everything here. Even though I feel like I'm adapting, I still feel like a stranger. I guess this is the part that I'm getting homesick.

    I haven't made any friends and there isn't really anything to do at work so I can't even suround myself with that. I think tomorrow is payday? See this is how caught up I am, can't even remember payday lol

    One thing I don't think I'll ever get used to is the lack of plastic bags. Since Hong Kong is developing so fast, the government is putting in place a lot of recycle/save the earth type programs. One of them is plastic bags. Unless you are going to the outdoor markets, you have to bring your own recycle bag everywhere. 

    I gave in and picked one up at the boutique  It was too hard trying to put all my purchases in my handbag! This is what the print looks like ...

    And this is what it looks like rolled up. I can always use this for groceries in the states is I need to so it's not a bad buy.

    I forgot to mention that I picked up a Naked2 Palette before my trip. It seemed the most logical bc it's a pretty travel friendly palette and has all my favorite neutral shades.

    I'm not even going to bother swatching everything bc you can google it, but I have to agree with everyone when they say it's worth it. The colors and pigmentation are fantastic.

    I've been spending a lot of time watching old youtube videos of the Backstreet Boys and I heard they're doing a cruise in 2013!! I saw some clips of the last cruise and it looked like so much fun.

    Too much of a dork if I signed up? The good rooms are all sold, the only ones left are about $1200!!

    I have an addiction

    I have an addiction ... it's called SaSa. In Hong Kong, they have one on every street corner and one day when I was out and about, I went to about 7 or 8 in Mong Kok. 

    It's a franchise, but each location carries a bunch of different things and somethings that I like, I might not be able to find in other places so I try to buy back ups.

    I'm gonna try to explain all the make up, but a lot of it is either written in Chinese or Japanese so I'm not too sure about the usage.

    My new favorite brand is called Heavy Rotation. They make the best twist up eyeliner and it literally does not budge after applying it. Not even a smear. So I went ahead and purchased a couple of other things from their line.

    I picked up this brow powder. It’s alright but I’m not in love with it. I like my Urban Decay powder better. It also has a shade that they call nose powder. According to the directions, I think it’s supposed to contour your nose to make it slimmer? I used it, didn’t use it right, didn’t notice a difference lol

    Sephora carries the brand Fairy Drops, but I've only seen the mascara. Here they have ALL the mascaras in different colors and other products from them as well.

    I picked up this funny little powder from Fairy Drops. I'm not sure how to use it, but I use it like a mineral veil and it has a slight vanilla scent so it's pleasant.

    I have to say I am IN LOVE with the Fairy Drops Mascara. I don't know if it's the formula or the wand, but it does amazing things for my lashes. It doesn't clump and really does give your lashes the wide eye, spidery look.

    This mascara comes in a few types, I bought the one that has 5 properties in one.

    I've been looking for a couple of affordable make up brushes and just haven’t been able to find anything. Everything I've seen so far at SaSa is comparable to dollar store stuff. I saw this little flat top brush and I thought it would be perfect for foundation. I’m a sucker for a good flat top brush. It’s super dense and the bristles don’t shed. Only downside, I can’t seem to make it blend my foundation in without looking streaky. It makes a good blending brush, but nah for foundation.

    Haulage in an unlikely place

    So one of my best friends is getting married and I was grabbing dinner with her to talk about the wedding. We stopped at a K-mart on the way home so she could grab some athletic gear and I shopped the make up section. I used to go all the time to K-mart until they started going out of business.

    This is the first time going in years and their make-up section is actually pretty decent. They have a lot of the drugstore brands and also some of my favorite lower end drugstore brands. I found a lot of Wet n Wild, Milani, and a couple of others. Wet n Wild was actually buy 2 get 1 free.

    I picked up 3 blushes. Pearliscent Pink, Heather Silk, and Berry Shimmer. I forgot which one of these I actually had so I just bought a back up lol

    I also picked up another NYC Sunny bronzer. It was super cheap at $2.99. I think it's cheaper than Wal Mart and Target.

    I also picked up a couple of mascaras from Rimmel. I've never used it before but these were on sale for $1.99 I've seen one of the Youtube Guru's rave about the Sexy Curves and I do like it a lot and for a few bucks it's a good deal.

    This is the larger wand from the length or volume tube.

    This is the skinner wand from the length or volume tube. It's actually a two in one. If I pull the wand out it becomes a dinky little wand. 

    This is the wand from the Sexy Curves tube. I know this mascara comes in purple or teal.

    Last thing I picked up was a lipstick by Rimmel. It was only $1.97

    Sephora Haulage!

    I bought these things a while ago during their summer sale. I think it was right when they were doing their free shipping for VIB's. 

    I placed like three different orders bc I kept finding things I wanted to buy and I was like why the hec not! It's free shipping! lol

    I've never bought anything by Charlotte Ronson before but I have heard the name. I always thought her products were expensive and there wasn't a lot of hype behind any specific product so I was never interested.

    I only bought this set bc it was $13 with free shipping! Horay for good deals! 

    It comes with a makeup bag, 2 lipsticks, and an eyeshadow palette. The darker red lipstick was a tad melted when I received it but I liked the color a lot and didn't mind.

    The texture is creamy but if your lips are dry I suggest exfoliate before applying or else it will show all the imperfections.

    I've always wanted the Hello Kitty palettes that Sephora makes but they were too expensive and I was never really interested in the colors. When they went on sale for $14 each, I just wanted them as collector items. The package is just too pretty.

    The first palette is hot pink and has two level of eye shadows. They're quads so 4 on each level.

    The second palette is black and has one level of eye shadows and one level of powder. I'm not really sure what the powder is for and I kinda don't wanna use it bc it will mess up the bow.

    Last but not least, I redeemed 100 points for this sample. I really really like Coach's fragrances and just wanted a little baby one for my purse.

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