Weekly update!

I haven't had much time for blogging lately and I appologise for that. I'll try to put up more reviews instead of hauls and such. 

I've been pretty busy with trying to fit in here. The weather is changing a little and it's starting to cool down. By cool down, I mean it's in the 70s and not the 80s here. Boots are still a little early to bust out.

I will be going to Vietnam in 2 weeks so i'll keep you guys updated with how that is. 

First thing first. I might be halfway across the world but I was able to watch the election results. I am super proud to be an American and happy that I was able to absentee vote. 

LOL I wanted to share with you this pic of how they spelled "Florida" on the news here. I guess spell checker is out of the question #TVBnews

I also got a little home sick so I went to Starbucks to get a "Americanized" sandwich and a salad. I also got their newer drink called very berry hibiscus  It's disgusting. I drank 2 sips of it and the rest went into the trash. 

I also went to eat hot pot with my uncles. Nothing was really special about the meal, just your typical loud asians. I did wanna show you guys the "glass" I was drinking my beer out of. It's a bowl!!

And last but not least. I wanted to show you guys what you can get at McDonald's. I went for breakfast and they have the usual eggs, sausage, pancakes. BUT they have a Chinese portion of the menu too and you can get congee or noodles. I got macaroni with a piece of sausage and a piece of egg.

That's it for now guys! Cheers from half way across the world! 


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