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So I finally started my new job and it's interesting. I was super excited a month ago when I got to Hong Kong. Now I'm kinda blah about it . I think home sickness is starting to kick in.

I'm working for a company that mainly needs another translator and secretary. I'm not dumb but it's really hard to pick up on a company's work in the middle. AND a lot of the times, ppl are doing things a lot harder than they need to but I don't have the words to speak up and tell them about it. 

I also don't really want to step on anyone's toes or seem like a smart ass. I guess we will see how long I can take this job.

I wanted to show u guys a pair of earrings I got from TJ Maxx before I left. They gold, dangle and on sale lol  They're actually Juicy earrings too!

I also took a trip to Tarjay to pick up some travel things and I found this mascara for a couple of dollars. Too bad I didn't have my coupons on me. It would have def been free.

I also found a cute summer clutch on sale. Hell, for $5 bucks, I can use it next season lol

Anywhoooo, I should prob do some work at work! Toodles!


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