Haulage: Karmaloop

I used to love shopping at Karmaloop, but recently, the budget didn't allow it. They're had a HUGE sale a few weeks back  where all their sale items were an extra 50% off.

You can never have too many pair of leggings. I got these for $5

I also bought this plum colored dress. It's by BB Dakota. I actually saw this same dress for sale on Hautelook. I thought it looked very professional and you can dress it up or down. I only paid $7.50 for it but it was almost $30 on Hautelook

I have a thing for jackets and I love the shape of this. It's longer and kinda shaped like a guy's trench coat. It's pretty lightweight too so it's perfect for the spring/summer transition. I believe this was around $7

I think the fur thing was a trend, but when I saw this shaggy jacket, I knew I needed it. I love wearing short dresses and I thought this coat would be a glamorous accessory. It was only $8

I picked up these pair of Disney earrings. It's shaped like Minnie's head. Super cute! These were $5

I've been looking into getting a pair of shoes with leopard print on them. These furry booties were perfect for only $10

Last thing I bought was this dress. It has a tight skirt on the bottom and a crackle pattern on the top. 

Anyone else like to shop at Karmaloop?


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