Canmake Haulage!

I can never go into SaSa without buying something. I swear this store is so damn addicting and all the packaging is super cute too!

I talked myself into some more Canmake goodies. I bought another one of their blushes. I love how compact their blushes are and the pigmentation of the color. Sometimes it's hard to get out one color without overlapping though. This retails for $88 HKD.

I also picked up one of their lipsticks. This is from their nude line. It's so creamy and smooth. The color is a little hard to work with so you have to apply gloss for it to really work.

I didn't get this lipgloss from SaSa but I thought I would throw it in there bc it was Canmake too. I believe I bought this from Lane Crawford. They have a huge Canmake section too!

That's it for now. I still need to take pictures of everything else I bought so I can share!


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