REVIEW: Missha BB Boomer

Missha BB Boomer Review: The BB Cream Primer

I wasn't planning on buying this, but the sales lady talked my mom into it and she gave it to me. This is the Missha BB Boomer. It's supposedly a primer for your BB cream and the sales lady also told me that it has anti-wrinkle properties.

I was super skeptical of this because BB creams are supposed to have primer, powder, and miracle healing powers in it so why would I need a primer on top of that. The SA told me it would hydrate as well and work with my other foundations. Eh why not.

This baby retails for $168 HKD which is roughly $21 USD. Which is a little pricey for primer if you ask me.

On the front of the box it says:
"Boosts the adherence and duration of BB Cream and makes your skin brighter when applied. Its pearl antioxidant and moisturizing ingredient make your skin more radiant while leaving it moisturized.

Containing Moringa, patent ingredient, and Mannan and  Olive ingredients which have an affinity with the skin, It keeps moisture on the skin and creates moisture shield. Containing Adenosine and Arbutin, it improves skin tone and fine lines."

Butylene Glycol
PEG-10 Dimethicone
Titanium Dioxide
Sodium Chloride
Dicaprylyl Carbonate
Quaternium-18 Hectorite
Acrylates/Dimethicone Copolymer
Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer
Disodium EDTA
Aluminum Hydroxide
Stearic Acid
Chrysanthemum Morifolium Flower Extract
Coral Powder
Diamond Powder
Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Oil
Platinum Powder
Amethyst Powder
Pearl Powder
Alcohol Denat.

The packaging is exactly the same as their signature BB cream only this one is white. It's a 40 ml tube with a pump. i like the packaging because it's easy to get the primer out and you can also control the amount you want.

When the primer is pumped out of the tube. It's a white cream with slight opaqueness to it. If you look closely it also has a shiny iridescence to it. It really reminds me of how a highlight works. Well the same kinda shimmer. 

This is what it looks like slightly spread out. It's super easy to spread and has a creamy almost dry texture to it. The scent is very heavy. Like baby powder. I laughed when I first used it because the SA told me it was unscented (she was def wrong!)

This is what it looks like blended out. You can't really see the full effect of the primer bc the light isn't hitting it just right, but it does remind me of Twilight when the light hits Edward and he sparkles (obviously not as bright) but you get the point.

Over all verdict: I have to start off by saying I have combination skin, so oily t-zones and dry other places. This primer was actually drier for my skin than I thought it would be. It didn't suck up any oils but I did notice dry patches in certain areas.

I've used this with my Missha Signature BB Cream and thought it didn't enhance the BB cream any but it did make it last longer. I actually preferred it without. I've also used this with my MAC Studio Sculpt and it gave me awful dry patches.

I have to say that I've used worse and I've used better. For the expensive price it's not really something that I would say you absolutely need. It might work better for some skin types, but it just dried mine out. I'm prob gonna give this another shot when it gets warmer and see if it works better. 

  • Drying
  • Expensive
  • Might not work with darker skin tones
  • Heavy baby powder smell
  • Not available everywhere

  • Brightens complexion
  • Easy to work with
  • Enhances BB cream life

Haulage: Karmaloop

I used to love shopping at Karmaloop, but recently, the budget didn't allow it. They're had a HUGE sale a few weeks back  where all their sale items were an extra 50% off.

You can never have too many pair of leggings. I got these for $5

I also bought this plum colored dress. It's by BB Dakota. I actually saw this same dress for sale on Hautelook. I thought it looked very professional and you can dress it up or down. I only paid $7.50 for it but it was almost $30 on Hautelook

I have a thing for jackets and I love the shape of this. It's longer and kinda shaped like a guy's trench coat. It's pretty lightweight too so it's perfect for the spring/summer transition. I believe this was around $7

I think the fur thing was a trend, but when I saw this shaggy jacket, I knew I needed it. I love wearing short dresses and I thought this coat would be a glamorous accessory. It was only $8

I picked up these pair of Disney earrings. It's shaped like Minnie's head. Super cute! These were $5

I've been looking into getting a pair of shoes with leopard print on them. These furry booties were perfect for only $10

Last thing I bought was this dress. It has a tight skirt on the bottom and a crackle pattern on the top. 

Anyone else like to shop at Karmaloop?

Haulage: Ross

So when I traveled home this weekend, I was like a kid in a candy store. I must have went to 4 different Ross's and bought a ton of really good deals. I'm probably gonna break down my hauling into a couple of different parts, hopefully you won't get sick of seeing stuff lol

I have been on a hunt for a great maxi dress and my old roomie told me Ross has tons. She wasn't kidding. They had rows and rows of dresses, long, short, pretty, ugly, dressy-you name it, they had it.

The first dress I picked up was a tube maxi dress. It's majority white with a blue pattern on it. It reminds me of nautical things.

The second dress I picked up has a pretty pink flower pattern on it. I'm not a fan of the material, but I like the way it fits at the top. 

I picked up a couple of higher end items. I can't believe my Ross even had it. First up is this sunglasses case by Tory Burch. I'm sure they came with sunglasses but the store only had the case. This was only $11 and it's big enough to be a clutch.

It's a set of AMRITA SINGH bracelets that I only paid $7 for!!!! I see these on Hautelook all the time and I have always wanted a set. I thought the set was $22, but when she pulled it out of the case, it has a clearance tag! SCORE!

Here is the same set of bracelets sold on her website for $120. SAME. EXACT. SET.

Canmake Haulage!

I can never go into SaSa without buying something. I swear this store is so damn addicting and all the packaging is super cute too!

I talked myself into some more Canmake goodies. I bought another one of their blushes. I love how compact their blushes are and the pigmentation of the color. Sometimes it's hard to get out one color without overlapping though. This retails for $88 HKD.

I also picked up one of their lipsticks. This is from their nude line. It's so creamy and smooth. The color is a little hard to work with so you have to apply gloss for it to really work.

I didn't get this lipgloss from SaSa but I thought I would throw it in there bc it was Canmake too. I believe I bought this from Lane Crawford. They have a huge Canmake section too!

That's it for now. I still need to take pictures of everything else I bought so I can share!

Weekly update!

I haven't had much time for blogging lately and I appologise for that. I'll try to put up more reviews instead of hauls and such. 

I've been pretty busy with trying to fit in here. The weather is changing a little and it's starting to cool down. By cool down, I mean it's in the 70s and not the 80s here. Boots are still a little early to bust out.

I will be going to Vietnam in 2 weeks so i'll keep you guys updated with how that is. 

First thing first. I might be halfway across the world but I was able to watch the election results. I am super proud to be an American and happy that I was able to absentee vote. 

LOL I wanted to share with you this pic of how they spelled "Florida" on the news here. I guess spell checker is out of the question #TVBnews

I also got a little home sick so I went to Starbucks to get a "Americanized" sandwich and a salad. I also got their newer drink called very berry hibiscus  It's disgusting. I drank 2 sips of it and the rest went into the trash. 

I also went to eat hot pot with my uncles. Nothing was really special about the meal, just your typical loud asians. I did wanna show you guys the "glass" I was drinking my beer out of. It's a bowl!!

And last but not least. I wanted to show you guys what you can get at McDonald's. I went for breakfast and they have the usual eggs, sausage, pancakes. BUT they have a Chinese portion of the menu too and you can get congee or noodles. I got macaroni with a piece of sausage and a piece of egg.

That's it for now guys! Cheers from half way across the world! 

Review: BBW Candles

I received a Bath & Body Works candle in my Beauty VoxBox this year and I have to say that it's love! Well reacquainted love.

I have always been in love with BBW candles, but this reminds me to run out and get some more. The candles come in 3 sizes (mini, medium, large). I always buy the mini ones because it gives me more chances to try scents. And plus they are such an awesome deal when they're on sale. I've gotten them as low as $2!!

Don't think the mini ones aren't worth it because they last just as long as the bigger ones! I originally bought the larger ones with 3 wicks and they were too powerful for my tiny apartment  It was giving me a headache.  These mini candles are perfect and they really do fill up the whole room.

I couldn't resist. I already went out and bought more candles. Since Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is on its way, all the holiday candles are readily available. Each scent is like a winter wonderland and it makes me hopeful that the holiday season will never end!

I was sent this candle for review purposes. I did not buy this candle but the opinions are 100% my own. And plus if you read through my blog, every season when new candles are out, I always put them in my favorites!

Updates blah blah blah

So I finally started my new job and it's interesting. I was super excited a month ago when I got to Hong Kong. Now I'm kinda blah about it . I think home sickness is starting to kick in.

I'm working for a company that mainly needs another translator and secretary. I'm not dumb but it's really hard to pick up on a company's work in the middle. AND a lot of the times, ppl are doing things a lot harder than they need to but I don't have the words to speak up and tell them about it. 

I also don't really want to step on anyone's toes or seem like a smart ass. I guess we will see how long I can take this job.

I wanted to show u guys a pair of earrings I got from TJ Maxx before I left. They gold, dangle and on sale lol  They're actually Juicy earrings too!

I also took a trip to Tarjay to pick up some travel things and I found this mascara for a couple of dollars. Too bad I didn't have my coupons on me. It would have def been free.

I also found a cute summer clutch on sale. Hell, for $5 bucks, I can use it next season lol

Anywhoooo, I should prob do some work at work! Toodles!

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