Sephora Haulage!

I bought these things a while ago during their summer sale. I think it was right when they were doing their free shipping for VIB's. 

I placed like three different orders bc I kept finding things I wanted to buy and I was like why the hec not! It's free shipping! lol

I've never bought anything by Charlotte Ronson before but I have heard the name. I always thought her products were expensive and there wasn't a lot of hype behind any specific product so I was never interested.

I only bought this set bc it was $13 with free shipping! Horay for good deals! 

It comes with a makeup bag, 2 lipsticks, and an eyeshadow palette. The darker red lipstick was a tad melted when I received it but I liked the color a lot and didn't mind.

The texture is creamy but if your lips are dry I suggest exfoliate before applying or else it will show all the imperfections.

I've always wanted the Hello Kitty palettes that Sephora makes but they were too expensive and I was never really interested in the colors. When they went on sale for $14 each, I just wanted them as collector items. The package is just too pretty.

The first palette is hot pink and has two level of eye shadows. They're quads so 4 on each level.

The second palette is black and has one level of eye shadows and one level of powder. I'm not really sure what the powder is for and I kinda don't wanna use it bc it will mess up the bow.

Last but not least, I redeemed 100 points for this sample. I really really like Coach's fragrances and just wanted a little baby one for my purse.


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