Random Sunday Thoughts

I'm still getting used to everything here. Even though I feel like I'm adapting, I still feel like a stranger. I guess this is the part that I'm getting homesick.

I haven't made any friends and there isn't really anything to do at work so I can't even suround myself with that. I think tomorrow is payday? See this is how caught up I am, can't even remember payday lol

One thing I don't think I'll ever get used to is the lack of plastic bags. Since Hong Kong is developing so fast, the government is putting in place a lot of recycle/save the earth type programs. One of them is plastic bags. Unless you are going to the outdoor markets, you have to bring your own recycle bag everywhere. 

I gave in and picked one up at the boutique  It was too hard trying to put all my purchases in my handbag! This is what the print looks like ...

And this is what it looks like rolled up. I can always use this for groceries in the states is I need to so it's not a bad buy.

I forgot to mention that I picked up a Naked2 Palette before my trip. It seemed the most logical bc it's a pretty travel friendly palette and has all my favorite neutral shades.

I'm not even going to bother swatching everything bc you can google it, but I have to agree with everyone when they say it's worth it. The colors and pigmentation are fantastic.

I've been spending a lot of time watching old youtube videos of the Backstreet Boys and I heard they're doing a cruise in 2013!! I saw some clips of the last cruise and it looked like so much fun.

Too much of a dork if I signed up? The good rooms are all sold, the only ones left are about $1200!!


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