New Necklaces!

I have been on a necklace binge like no other. Anything that I find, I have to have. It's all statement pieces and crazy jewelry. I've been loving a website called ShopLately. They have deals everyday and the prices are really affordable.

I've given up on my Jewelmint subscription because it wasn't very affordable and ontop of that, the pieces weren't anything special. The quality was going downhill as well.

The first pieces is a bright orange dangle necklace. It looks great with solid colors and I've also worn it with just a white tshirt.

The second piece is a green medallion necklace. This is one of my favs bc it sits really well and matches a lot of outfits.

I wear this necklace backwards because I don't like the weird bump on the medallion on the front.

Next piece is a disk looking necklace with pearls. I thought the gold disks would be easy to pair with things but its actually harder than I thought.

This crazy necklace is super cute but its hard to wear. It's a little sharp around the edges so it gets caught on a lot of things and it also refuses to stay down! It likes to turn over and get twisted up.

I bought this necklace from Nordys. I was looking for a simple white necklace bc I wear a lot of black and this one is perfect. Its dainty but still rugged looking.

Last piece I got from TJ Maxx. My school colors are orange and maroon so anything with orange catches my eye. I've work this a couple of times with a strapless maroon dress.


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