I have an addiction

I have an addiction ... it's called SaSa. In Hong Kong, they have one on every street corner and one day when I was out and about, I went to about 7 or 8 in Mong Kok. 

It's a franchise, but each location carries a bunch of different things and somethings that I like, I might not be able to find in other places so I try to buy back ups.

I'm gonna try to explain all the make up, but a lot of it is either written in Chinese or Japanese so I'm not too sure about the usage.

My new favorite brand is called Heavy Rotation. They make the best twist up eyeliner and it literally does not budge after applying it. Not even a smear. So I went ahead and purchased a couple of other things from their line.

I picked up this brow powder. It’s alright but I’m not in love with it. I like my Urban Decay powder better. It also has a shade that they call nose powder. According to the directions, I think it’s supposed to contour your nose to make it slimmer? I used it, didn’t use it right, didn’t notice a difference lol

Sephora carries the brand Fairy Drops, but I've only seen the mascara. Here they have ALL the mascaras in different colors and other products from them as well.

I picked up this funny little powder from Fairy Drops. I'm not sure how to use it, but I use it like a mineral veil and it has a slight vanilla scent so it's pleasant.

I have to say I am IN LOVE with the Fairy Drops Mascara. I don't know if it's the formula or the wand, but it does amazing things for my lashes. It doesn't clump and really does give your lashes the wide eye, spidery look.

This mascara comes in a few types, I bought the one that has 5 properties in one.

I've been looking for a couple of affordable make up brushes and just haven’t been able to find anything. Everything I've seen so far at SaSa is comparable to dollar store stuff. I saw this little flat top brush and I thought it would be perfect for foundation. I’m a sucker for a good flat top brush. It’s super dense and the bristles don’t shed. Only downside, I can’t seem to make it blend my foundation in without looking streaky. It makes a good blending brush, but nah for foundation.


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