Hong Kong Haul 2

I've been so uninspired lately and haven't posted a thing. I finally got these pictures uploaded from June and posted them. 

It's been so crazy at work that I haven't had time to do anything. Hopefully it will get better.

The first things in this picture are a Dolly Wink mascara, a eyeliner that I can't read and some cleaning oil.

This second picture has another bottle of cleansing oil, some sponges, a sponge inside a storage case, and a Maybelline Hello Kitty mascara. I've been wanting to try this mascara for a long time so I'm super excited!

Last things my parents picked up for me were these Kit Kat bars. I believe the first one is green tea flavor and the second one is a sakura flavor (what that exactly means I'm not sure)

Hopefully I'll want to blog more next week. Tell me what you guys are up to for the summer!

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