Target Beauty Bag II

I think that Target should make this a subscription service! This is my second beauty bag from them this year and I love it even more than the 1st one. I believe I received one last year.
This bag actually came with full sized samples and I love it! Everything is travel friendly and it's a great opportunity to try my favorite brands before I buy them.

The bag came with 2 mini bottles of TRESemme's Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner. The bottles are tiny but I liked that they included both shampoo and conditioner. In the last bag, I had only a sample of conditioner from Pantene and totally wanted to try both.

 The bag also came with a travel sized tube of Neutrogena sunscreen. I gave it to my mom bc the sunscreen was so high, but it's a very generous bottle, perfect for your purse or traveling.

 The next sample is Aveeno's smart essentials scrub. It smells so good. I can't wait to use it.

 They also included a sample of Revlon's lip butter and also some Garnier shampoo and conditioner packets. A lot of people complained about the lip butter not being a full size sample but everyone that wants one has already bought it.


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