Jewelry Haulage: Forever21

I picked up quite a bit of jewelry when I was home last weekend. I have been obsessed with finding this bracelet my roomie has, but alas no luck. I picked up some other finds from Forever 21 instead. 

I  picked up these sparkley bangles. They're a little big bit I figured they would look nice during the summer with a dress.They were super cheap at $1.90

I also picked up this stretchy bracelet for $6 and a plain black/gold bangle for $2.90

I picked up a couple of earrings. The first pair are teal and they look like a crochet pattern. I thought these would be a nice pop of color. They're pretty weighty too.

I've been really interested in people wearing these type of earrings and always wanted to try it. It's a little stud connected to a cuff.

I also picked up a pair of these little pointy black/gold earrings. They're so little, but still statement pieces that I can wear to work without getting in the way.

I picked up these gold pair of earrings. They remind me of ancient Aztec kinda detailing.

Well that's it for now. I'm expecting my Birchbox in the mail soon and that will prob be my next post! Byyyeee girls!


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