Haulage: Ross

Ross is like an addiction. Once you find a good deal, you just keep going back hoping you will find a good deal. I'm not sure if they're doing a dress event or what but my Ross at home is filled with TONS of really pretty dresses.

The first dress I picked up is in a festive blue print. It has these flouncy sleeves and a little belt around the waist.

This second dress is a tube dress with a tapered waist. You can either wear it with a belt or by itself. I love the lace detailing.

I was kinda torn about this dress. I loved the pretty color, but the top part fit really weirdly. I bought it anyways because I figured if I didn't like the way it looked with a belt, I could return it.

I bought this dress for work. I loved the pretty pattern and also the high neck. It looks really good with a blazer and if I'm going out, then I have a cute beige bow belt I can wear it with.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I'm in the process of moving and packing. It's such a pain in the butt, but I'm excited to be living by myself! Don't worry, more posts to come!

Haul: Sephora, Ulta

I went to Sephora for my birthday lip balms and I also saw this setting spray. I tried to get it at another Sephora store but they didn't have it. I found this at a Sephora inside JCPennys. I love my Urban Decay one, but I've always been curious about this one.

These are the free lip balms that Sephora gives for birthdays. They're a little smaller than I thought but I'm glad they give you two.

I got these 2 lippies from Ulta. I think they're new to the collection, but I was def drawn in by the packaging. Isn't the flower print so pretty?!

Honestly, they're nothing special though. They remind me of the Stila lip glosses that look just like it.

I've been eyeballing this BB cream for a long time and finally pulled the trigger. I got the color medium but it def doesn't apply like medium. It applies super dark!! BUT the color does blends beautifully and sinks into the skin right away. It gives a nice natural finish with a medium coverage.

The lasting power on this is so-so. It gets me through the work day, but it does start to wear after 8 hours. 

These are the samples I got when I ordered online a long time ago. I think I saw somewhere that there was a glitch and I put in multiple coupons so I got multiple samples. I've just been hoarding them and forgot to post them.

The first set is the standard 3 samples. I also got a mini perfume of versace's bright crystal and a deluxe sample of Origins cleanser. Last picture is the perfume sample sack. I think there were 5 samples in it.

REVIEW: Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Blush

Has anyone else been really impressed with Physicians Formula lately? I love all of the new products coming out and it's all pretty impressive.

I remember when I wouldn't even think about this brand because the packaging was so poorly designed. I mean like cheap plastic and unattractive packaging. Lesson learned: packaging does matter.

I normally pick my Physicians Formula products up when CVS has a sale. It's normally buy one get one 50% off or spend a certain amount and you get extra care bucks back. 

This blush comes in 2 shades: Natural and Rose. I bought natural, but I've read from other bloggers that the shades are so similar that you don't meed both.

The outside of the blush is made from a brown suede material. It has a cute little pink rope you can pull on to open it. I like the look of the packaging, but it's not the most convenient or practical. The brown suede tends to attract dirt like a magnet. It reminds me of the original Naked palette.

The inside of the blush is stamped with a rope like design. It has two different colors that you swirl together to make one.

When you flip the blush over, it's a clear lid with a mirror and a flat kabuki brush. I like that the mirror is so large, but when you are trying to apply blush, having the mirror on the back of the blush is inconveinient.

Natural is a peachy/pink blush. It features a light coral color with a darker color close to a rosey red in the rope. Together they blend nicely to create a light peachy pink hue. Not overly shimmery or glittery at all and nicely pigmented.

I was hesitant to get this blush because I don't like the bronzer at all. It turns your face into a disco ball because it's so shimmery and by the end of the day, the shimmer has transfer to my hands and clothes.

The overall texture of the blush is silky and pigmented. It has a nice sheen and stays on all day while i'm at work. The packaging is cute, but can be a little impractical at times.

Target Beauty Bag II

I think that Target should make this a subscription service! This is my second beauty bag from them this year and I love it even more than the 1st one. I believe I received one last year.
This bag actually came with full sized samples and I love it! Everything is travel friendly and it's a great opportunity to try my favorite brands before I buy them.

The bag came with 2 mini bottles of TRESemme's Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner. The bottles are tiny but I liked that they included both shampoo and conditioner. In the last bag, I had only a sample of conditioner from Pantene and totally wanted to try both.

 The bag also came with a travel sized tube of Neutrogena sunscreen. I gave it to my mom bc the sunscreen was so high, but it's a very generous bottle, perfect for your purse or traveling.

 The next sample is Aveeno's smart essentials scrub. It smells so good. I can't wait to use it.

 They also included a sample of Revlon's lip butter and also some Garnier shampoo and conditioner packets. A lot of people complained about the lip butter not being a full size sample but everyone that wants one has already bought it.

Clothes Galore: Ross, AE, F21, Rue 21

This first dress is a new favorite of mine. I got a great deal for it at Ross. It's made from linen and it's so comfortable! It came with a black braided belt, but I've also worn it with a brown braided belt. It's super cute with some wedges.

The next 2 dresses I got from Forever 21. The first is a black baby doll style dress. It looks pretty plain from the front, but the back is cut in a criss cross pattern and shows a nice bit of skin.

The second dress is white and has a folded texture to it. It's tiered, which is my favorite thing about it. I wish it was a little more form fitting, but I'm going to add a little brown belt and it should be fine.

I got 2 tops from American Eagle when they were having a 40% off clearance sale. The first top is just a simple blue v-neck pullover. It does have a slight shimmery pattern on it, but it's not that noticeable.

The second top is a white one shoulder ruffley shirt. It's a lot shorter than I thought it would be so it fits a little bit weird, but I'm too lazy to go and return it.

Last top is from Rue 21. I normally don't stop in here bc all the patterns give me a headache. This shirt was $6 and it buttons up the front. If you leave a couple of buttons undone, it gives a nice v and cleavage lol

Jewelry Haulage: Forever21

I picked up quite a bit of jewelry when I was home last weekend. I have been obsessed with finding this bracelet my roomie has, but alas no luck. I picked up some other finds from Forever 21 instead. 

I  picked up these sparkley bangles. They're a little big bit I figured they would look nice during the summer with a dress.They were super cheap at $1.90

I also picked up this stretchy bracelet for $6 and a plain black/gold bangle for $2.90

I picked up a couple of earrings. The first pair are teal and they look like a crochet pattern. I thought these would be a nice pop of color. They're pretty weighty too.

I've been really interested in people wearing these type of earrings and always wanted to try it. It's a little stud connected to a cuff.

I also picked up a pair of these little pointy black/gold earrings. They're so little, but still statement pieces that I can wear to work without getting in the way.

I picked up these gold pair of earrings. They remind me of ancient Aztec kinda detailing.

Well that's it for now. I'm expecting my Birchbox in the mail soon and that will prob be my next post! Byyyeee girls!

Haul: Hollister, AF

I know a lot of people don't like Hollister and AF, but trust me, when you live at an outlet mall. These places are like gold mines. I NEVER pay full price for anything AND the clothes don't really change styles so you're good all year around. 

Over memorial day weekend, Hollister and AF were doing a 40% off the entire store deal and like i said, I live by an outlet mall so everything was already discounted. 

I'm really thankful that I don't wear a size smaller than 7 because they always have a lot of selection available for me. I picked up 4 pairs of shorts. One is light colored with rips, one is a navy blue slack style, one is a navy blue corduroy style, and the last pair is a dark denim with a slightly high waist.

You wouldn't believe the great deal I got for these. Each pair of shorts were originally around $60+ and I got each for $7!!!

I also picked up a ton of panties from AF. These are from their Gilly Hicks line and I got these for $1 each. They were actually still wrapped in plastic when I got them so don't think they were all sitting in a bin.

I saw one of the sales associates wearing this top and I knew I had to have it. It came in white and navy. Would you believe this top cost $70 originally!? Who would pay full price for this!? I got it for about $9. It makes your boobs look fantastic bc of the ruffles.

This is the last top I picked up. It came in 2 colors and I wasn't sure about it bc the middle is so low cut. I wear it with a bandeau bra and it's so cute. I got this for $7.

Almost forgot, I picked up a pair of yoga shorts. These were $7

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