REVIEW: Kiss Nail Dress

I received these in my Love Voxbox a few months ago and I finally got around to using them.  I would have used them earlier but I've had shellac nail polish on for the longest time.

This is what comes in the kit. It has 3 sheets of stickers and 1 nail file. The pattern on the nail stickers is a purple and pink leopard print. It also has hints of silver sparkle.

The first step is to measure your nail against a sticker and finda similar size. Then you peel off the sticker and place it on your nail. If you mess up, you can take it off and restick it.

Then you gently stretch the sticker over your nail. It feels like you're stretching taffy or gum.

You fold the sticker over the nail and then file away the excess. It will look and feel kinda funny when your filing but it's quite easy.

Ta da! This is the finished product. It's really simple and easy.  I normally like to do just one nail with the design and have it like an accent. The leopard print as a little too much for me on all my fingers.

Overall, I like these nail stickers a lot. I think they're easier to use than Sally Hansen's nail stickers. A good thing about these, is that they'r actually stickers and they last without the packaging over it. The Sally's ones dry out and get brittle if exposed to air too long.

I also like the wide variety of patterns and some even come with texture! These usually rtail for around $6 at the most and they might be cheaper too with a coupon.

Anyone else try these? Get these in their Voxbox? Any thoughts?

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