Haul: VS, Charlotte Russe, Marshalls

I def waited til the last minute to use my secret rewards cards so I actually lost one of them. I have NO idea where it went, but I'm sure it fell out of my wallet. I picked up a couple of different things from VS.

The first thing is this spray called Face Time. It claims to be a primer and make up setting spray in one. I was slightly intrigued and it was only $2 with my secret rewards card.

I have been lusting after this bra for a while now. I keep adding it to my cart online and then deleting it. I finally pulled the trigger. I haven't bought a nice pretty bra in a long time. I also got a free pair of matching panties.

I have been looking for a white skirt and I picked this one up from CR. I feel like I'm going to return it. It fits really weirdly and also ontop of that, the material is way too thick. 

I had to go to the UPS store in Roanoke so I went by Marshalls. I forgot how much I LOVE that store. I'm so used to my TJ Maxx here that it was a great change.

I picked up this bright orange tank. It's made from chiffon and it sits really nicely with some white shorts. This was $12. I also got a body plastic thing from a friend so when I get clothes now, I can take pictures of it on that.

I also picked up a bottle of Kate Spade's Twirl. I got a sample of it in my Birchbox and I loved the smell. It was $10. Look at how cute the packaging is inside too!

Haul: TJ Maxx, Ross

I haven't been to TJ Maxx in ages. I only went this time because my mom asked me to look for her favorite moisturizer. The TJ Maxx at home was out of it.

I remember during the winter, I really wanted a pair of boot liners. I kept picking them up and then setting them back down. They were really inexpensive at $7, but unless I was wearing rain boots, I didn't really need them. I hit the jackpot when I saw they were on sale for $2.

These are the rain boots I have been wearing lately. I think I got them at fashion bug a long long time ago. They were only $5.

I also picked up a mix pack of tights. It was only $3 for three pairs of tights. I'm going to start a job soon and you can never have enough tights!

I also picked up a tube of hand cream by Orly. I was intrigued by the French Polynesian Island Spa bit. It doesn't smell as strong as I thought. It's more like a floral vanilla scent.

This is hands down my favorite lotion. I wish I had bought 2 bottles of this. It's not just a body lotion, this one has shimmer in it so it's perfect for your legs in the summer time. The smell is like a sweet floral, but it's not over powering. It's like something from the VS Pink line.

Last thing I picked up was this mirror. As you can see from the picture, I didn't get it from TJ, I bought it from Ross. It was only $5 and I thought it would make a cute addition to my vanity. It has a rough vintage feel to it.


I have to admit, I am a sucker for primer. I've had this primer for a long time and never figured out how to use it until recently. 

This primer is only available online or at Target. It's one of their pricier lines.

This is what the primer claims to do:
  • Pre-foundation Primer formula moisturizes with soybean oil and imbues the skin with an additional lick ofbronzer that gives the skin a natural golden glow
  • A Paraben-free cocktail of antioxidants repel free radicals and allantoin protects and softens skin
  • Vitamins A, C & E fight against free radicals while boosting the skin?s ability to retain moisture
  • Acai Oil powerful antioxidant, rich in essential fatty acids; Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, provides protection against environmental damage, anti aging and revitalizing properties

Packaging: It's a soft squeeze white tube with black writing. I don't dislike the packaging but sometimes it can get a little messy. The primer will end up gunky in the cap.

Scent: It has a slight scent to it. It reminds me of florals and bronzer. Once you apply it though, it goes away.

Texture/Consistency: The color of this primer can be a little bit scary. It's a dark golden brown color, almost like a self tanner. The texture is almost like a foundation, thick and smooth.

Application: I've used this primer a couple of different ways. The first way is to just use it underneath foundation and apply it all over. I didn't really like this way because it made my foundation look shiny and the texture was really sticky. Also, if you are not already tan, it can make you look like a Umpa Lumpa.

The second way I've used this primer is my favorite way. I mixed a little bit of primer with my favorite foundation and apply with my Sigma F80 brush. It gives me a nice healthy glow and a sun kissed look. 

Overall, the glow that this primer gives is great. I didn't like that I had to do so much trial and error, but that's with most products. I don't think that this primer extends your foundation life, but it does create the smooth surface.

Also, this is considered a drugstore primer since it's purchased at Target, but fair warning, this primer is very pricey at $29. My Target also recently renovated and they started carrying a lot more different kinds of primer. I'll do more reviews if I pick some up.

Mini Mini Bobby Brown Haul

I placed this order a while ago, but it turned out to be a fails! I was looking for a small compact palette to a couple of shadows in when I travel. I didn't need the shadows to fit exactly inside each pan, just something kinda close.

This is what I got. My little palette cost $10 and came with 3 deluxe samples and a little packette of their cleansing oil.

The palette is perfect except it only fits BB shadows. I guess I should have looked a little closer. I thought I could use it for other shadows, but there are holes in the bottom so you can punch the shadow back out. I should have just invested in a z palette.

Haul: Walgreens, Target

I did a little hauling this weekend. I was looking for a Kindle in Target since they were having a sale, but they didn't have the one I wanted. I think me and my mom decided I should prob get an ipad for my birthday instead. I don't know how I feel about that since it's so expensive and I was looking for something a little cheaper.

I picked up another one of my favorite products ever! I love the It's a 10 leave in treatment. Its the best one I have ever used and it doesn't make my hair greasy even after 2 days. I also picked up the miracle styling serum to try. I hope I love it as much the other product.

I also picked up a few Physician's Formula products. I got a new blush and a bronzer. I'll do reviews on this soon.

The Walgreen's is also next to my Target and I stopped in to see if they had the hello kitty body wash I saw on some other blogger's websites. They didn't but I picked up a few other goodies. 

I wasn't going to buy the Freeman Clay Mask but it was on sale for $2.99 and then there was also a 75 cent off coupon on it so it was a good deal. I also saw this mask inside the My Glam bags so I was intrigued. Good thing I didn't have to pay $10 for it.

I also bought a tube of lipstick from Wet n Wild in Think Pink. It was on sale for 99 cents. 

I also picked up a tube of Lip Smackers for 99 cents. I remember how much I used to love these products and since it was only 99 cents, I gave it a shot. It's in a strawberry flavor and the color is a milky pink.

I also picked up this Vaseline lip care balm. I think the packaging is so cute!

REVIEW: Physicians Formula pH Powered Bronzer

"Introducing the first ever pH powered makeup that adapts to the pH of your skin and your lighting environment to create the perfect shade for you in less than 60 seconds."
Makeup Powered by You!
pH Power Complex transforms into your perfectly personalized hue:
  • Flourescein Based Dye - senses the pH level of your skin and adjusts within 60 seconds to create your perfect shade. 
  • Photochromic Powders - light adjusting pigments adapt to your environment so color looks the same indoors and outside.
Look You Best in Every Light!
LED-powered packaging lights up for touch-ups anywhere and everywhere!

Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Paraben free. Non-Comedogenic. Dermatologist approved. 

Ingredients: Talc, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Zinc Stearate, Dimethiconol, Sorbic Acid. May Contain: Iron Oxides, Mica, Orange 5, Titanium Dioxide.

Directions: May be worn alone or over makeup. Brush evenly over face and neck for a natural-looking tan glow. For best results on dry to very dry skin, apply moisturizer prior to using bronzer.

The pH Matchmaker line comes in a shiny black case with bronze lettering. It's a pretty thick case because of the bottom compartment. I haven't tried dropping it yet, but it is plastic so it will prob chip.

When you open the case, the powder is engraved with the pH logo and little pearls around the outside. The pearls are just decorations, they come off when you start to use the powder. I personally wiped the shimmery stuff off the pearls. I didn't want glitter chunks on my face.

The compact also comes with a flat kabuki brush. It's better quality than other brushes from Physician's Formula but it's still too small for me to use. I washed the brush once and it did shed a lot. In comparison, this flat kabuki brush is a little bigger than the Benefit ones.

The compact also comes with LED lights. I like that the lights don't turn on automatically when you open the lid. There is a tiny little switch on the side and it turns them on. 

I left the bronzer on for 10 mins before I took the picture. The color didn't appear any differently. I've used it on  my face a couple of times, but I don't notice the color changing effects that much.

Overall, the formula is smooth and easy to apply. Be careful what kinda brush you use because you can pick up too much product. I don't know how often I will use this bronzer because I don't really like the color. As you can see below, it's kinda orangey and not brown enough for my skin tone.

  • Packaging
  • Accessories
  • Soft/Blendable
  • Buildable color
  • Available anywhere

  • Don't see any color change
  • The trays don't stay down when you open the compact.  Both flip up at the same time.
  • Brush is dinky and does shed a lot.
  • LEDS are blinding in complete darkness!

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