So a few days ago I was bored and decided to stop by my local Ross. I haven't been in ages and I always find a goodie or two. I bought a couple of other things, but I thought this set needed it's own post.

My favorite brand of lip gloss is from a brand called Fusion. I believe it used to be carried in Sephora and Ulta. But it got bought out and they're redoing the brand completely.

I jump when I find these products for a great deal! They had these lip glosses a few weeks ago on Hautelook but I missed out.

I found this 5 mini lip gloss set at Ross. It's from their line called inFATuated. These lip glosses have plumping properties, but they only tingle for a little while. They do have a slight taste. It reminds me of grapefruit or some sort of citrus. It's not bad.

I love these lip glosses because they're super pigmented like liquid lipsticks and ALL the colors are super flattering. ANNNNNND THE BEST PART: THIS SET WAS ONLY $7!!!!!!

Beautiful peachy/coral color

Baby pink almost slightly nude

Brownish nude

Mauve pink

Vibrant brick red

This is all the colors side by side. Look how pretty this set is! If you can find it at your Ross, I highly recommend it!


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