My Top 10 Drugstore Products under $10

Since I live in a college town in the middle of no where, it's very hard to get my hands on Sephora, Ulta, or even things I would normally buy at a counter. So I've had to switch a lot of my products over from higher end things to drugstore brands.

You wouldn't believe how many brands out there make really great products that no one knows about.

These aren't in any particular order, just whatever I felt like writing about.

Physicians Formula Happy booster Mood Boosting Blush

I love the pretty design on the blush and the compact packaging. The color is a subtle pink that reminds me of NARS Deep Throat. It's a buildable color and the blush is super soft and smooth. These can be pricey, but if you wait until CVS has a sale, they're so affordable.

NYC Smooth Skin Sunny Bronzer

Honestly for $3, you can not beat this cult favorite. It's been raved about on blogs as well as Youtube. Gurus love it and I highly recommend it also. It's widely available everywhere and the color is a true matte finish. I normally use this to contour and it never has a muddy finish. 

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 

These are fairly new to the drugstore scene, but they have swept it by storm. I love how pigmented and easily these apply. The color below is Tough as Taupe, but these come in many different shades. Most days when I am feeling lazy, I smear a little bit of this on and I don't even have to blend and I go! 

Milani Liquif'eye

I love this liner. It's a soft koal and it's one of the darkest, truest black colors I have ever seen in the drugstore. I know these are available at CVS and Targets. I normally use these to line the top inner corner of my eyes or I use them to create a smokey eye. They smudge beautifully and once set with a little shadow, they stay all day. These also come in multiple shades. 

Revlon Lip butters

I wasn't a fan of these, but I included them anyways because of the hype they received. I appreciate the intentions behind these and still love at least 1 shade.  They're creamy, pigmented, and keeps your lips hydrated really well. If you don't believe me, just google it, the amount of reviews are ridiculous.

L'Oreal Color Riche Lip Balm

I liked these better than the Revlon ones because they wore like a balm. I like deep hydration and these definitely deliver. They are lightly pigmented, which doesn't bother me a lot, but some people prefer the color. The balm also has a slight fruity taste to it.

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow

I heard that these are comparable to Armani Eyes to Kill, but I don't own any of these so I have no idea. I do LOVE these for what they are. They're super pigmented and last a super long time. They also don't need a lot of work. I can slap it on in the morning and go and by lunch, they haven't budged. They come in a variety of colors and all have a slightly shiny finish which i love.

Wet n Wild Eyeshadows

I only showed the I heart Matte palette, but I own literally all of them. These palettes retail around $4.99 and the 3 pan palettes are $2.99. They're the best drugstore eyeshadows out there for the price. They're super pigmented and with a primer, they last all day!

Revlon Color Stay Foundation

I can't even begin to rave about this foundation. I have worn it for years and years and for every occasion. It's super affordable and last such a long time by itself. And with a primer, it seriously lasts a stupid long time. There is also a lot of color shades and also different formulas for every skin type. I highly recommend this!


It's interesting to see how this chapstick has evolved. It's gone through so many stages and the formula hasn't changed one bit. It's my go to for lips and I have one in every kind and flavor and in every bag. I like the new twist up tubes with a hint of color. They are so small and convenient to travel with.


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