March Gripes =/

Hi ladies, I thought I would start off with gripes this month and then do favorites a few days later. I'm def gonna announce my giveaway winner with my favorites so look for that in a few days!

Happy Sunday and April fool's day!!

I received this in my Birchbox and I was so excited! A full sized make up item AND it was a lip product!? Score!

I put this in my gripes because of the applicator. The color was beautiful and I loved it, but the whole crystal tip thing was bleaaah. As you can see from the picture below the product only dispenses from the first hole and you're supposed to spread it around. The applicator tip is hard and just smears lip stuff everywhere, not very useful.

And like I said, the color was beautiful BUT it wasn't long lasting OR pigmented enough. It's more like a gloss than a lipstick.

I was really hoping to love this mascara. I've tried a couple of different ones in the Japan market and they were pretty successful. This one was a fail. I even got the waterproof but it didn't hold my curl at all! I didn't see any lengthening and it's supposed to have fibers. eh I would pass on recommending this one.

I got these nail polish wipes in my Birchbox and  I thought they were so neat. I normally use Acetone to get my nail polish off, just because I have a lot of glitter chunks. They didn't really work for me because it took forever to get the polish off and then afterwords, my fingers felt greasy. Like I had used an oil. I do however like the scent. It's like flowers and oranges.

I've featured this lip gloss in tons of other posts, but I reached for it the other day, hoping i had changed my mind. Well that's a no! 

The taste is like honey but mixed with the lip gloss, it makes me gag everytime I use it. The formula is supposed to be very good for your lips but I don't really see it.


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