March ♡ Favorites and 100 Follower Winner!!

Sorry I have been super busy, but I finally did the drawing for my 100 follower giveaway! Thanks everyone for entering!!

The winner is Christina! I already emailed her and if I don't hear a response in 2 days, I'll draw again!

March has been a transition month. I'm in VA and the weather here is waaaay to strange for me to have a consistent favorite for March. I'm talking about 80 degrees in March one day and then 20 degrees the next.

I didn't have very many favorites this month, but I have been repeating a lot of things from before.

Degree Fragrance Spray in Sexy Intrigue - I own a lot of sprays and perfumes, but this one is my most affordable one. The smell is fresh but sultry at the same time. It's available in any drugstore and cost less than $3. It doesn't last a long time, but the bottle is so small that it's super portable and compact.

Zoya  Remove + - This is my favorite nail polish remover right now. The formula is gentle, doesn't smell bad, and gets regular polish off easily. I also LOVE the packaging. It's a pump, you just push the cotton pad down on the top and remover comes out.

MAC Mineral Skin Finish in Crystal Pink - I love using this as a highlighter or as a blush. The color is flattering on any skin tone.

MAC Fix+ - I love this as a foundation finisher or as a skin refresher. Sometimes certain foundations don't sit well on my skin and it can create some dry patches, but with this it gives your skin a dewey finish.

YSL Touche Eclat in 5 Honey - I use this underneath my concealer or just by itself over foundation. It fills in the little lines underneath my eyes and gives it an overall smooth appearance. This is pricey, but I highly recommend it.

These are my random food favorites. I LOVE Italian Wedding Soup. I've tried tons of the can kind but they all suck and taste gross. I finally found one I liked that's sort of instant. This one is found in the frozen food isle and it's by The Soup Man. I like the little saying too.

This is my favorite chocolate right now. They're Almond Roca. They have toffee in the middle and it's covered in chocolate and crushed almonds on the outside.


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