Haul: Sally's

So I got a new phone last week and it's one of those "smart phones" WELL ... the phone managed to sync everything on blogger including ALL my pictures to the gallery. I didn't realize the connection and just started deleting random albums. 

IT DELETED EVERYTHING FROM MY BLOG!! All the albums that contained pictures for my blog were deleted and now there are black little squares for everything in the beginning. Fails guys. Anyone know how to recover it?

Anyways onto the haulage. I randomly stopped into Sally's on my way home just to check and see if anything new was out. There wasn't very much there and I only bought a couple of little things. 

I got a set of these clips. They were buy 2 get 1 free. I bought 3, but I gave one set to my co-worker. I lose these a lot but there is no reason I need to have 100 of them lol

I picked up a couple of random things. I picked up a sample packet of Argan Oil conditioner. I've never really used it before so I'm hoping it's good. I'll do a review once I've used it.

I also picked up a nail buffer block. I like to keep my nails square and these are the best at filing your nails without really damaging it. The little packet is a hair color remover. I dye my hair a lot, usually in salons, but if I do it at home, I need to use these towelettes. 

The bottle of China Glaze nail polish was a gift from my coworker. She went with me to Sally's and they were having a sale on polish. Buy 2 get 1 free. She couldn't pick a 3rd color so she let me pick one. Neon colors look amazing on toes in the summer esp when I'm starting to get tan!

I never really know what to buy from Sally's. Anyone have anything they love love love so I can try?


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