Haul: Cato

So living in Southwest VA, there isn't a lot of choices for shopping. I mainly shop online. One of my coworkers suggested I check out this store called Cato. I wasn't very impressed by the clothes. It was all too snug or weirdly patterned. I'm pretty short so there are specific styles I have to stay away from and this store carried all the no no's. 

I was however pleasantly surprised by the accessory selection. They had tons of unique pieces and all of them were super affordable. I'm taking close to Forever 21 prices.

First up are a pair of coral colored pumps. They have a low heal and giant bow on the front. I LOVE them. They were only $7. The picture makes them look redish pink, but they are a bright coral.

I scored this beautiful statement piece. It's a nice pinky color with complements of gold and pearls. It's so sturdy and goes great with a lot of summery dresses. This was only $11.

I also picked up a few pair of earrings. They're cheaper than the ones from Forever 21 and also made a lot sturdier too.  I bought these pair of silver leaf earrings. They're stacked on top of each other and super light so they don't weigh down my ears.

I love BIG rings. This one is definitely a statement piece. The best part, it was only $1.99

I've had a weird thing for mixing my golds and silvers lately. These earring were perfect. They were only $3.

I thought these were a fun little piece to wear to work. They're not bulky and I really like the little ball design. These were only $1.99

Overall, I was happy with my jewelry purchases. Anyone else have a Cato near them?


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