Lips Lips Lips: Day 9

Happy Monday ladies! If you haven't noticed, I've been blogging pretty frequently lately and that's all thanks to my schedule at work. I work 2nd shift which is 3:00 to 11:00 and we are NOT busy at all, so it gives me a lot of free time to blog! Yay for that!

Onwards to the lipies!

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm
This was one of my very first purchases from Sephora (I mean waaaay back in the day). I love the formula of the balm. It acts with the moisturizing power of Vaseline, but without the stickiness or goey feeling.

The color of the balm is clear and it comes in 5 flavors. I've only tried the original which is mint and the one I currently have which is Vanilla& Lavender.  I prefer the mint one. The vanilla&lavender one is too lavender for me.

This balm is also great to use over night. You wake up and your lips are hydrated again. I also tell a lot of my friends that are going Skiing or snowboarding to pack one of these. It has SPF 25 in it and it keeps lips from chapping in the cold.

Best part, is that it's unisex. I've recommended this to guys and girls and they all love it.

Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick
The formula of these lipsticks are so creamy and smooth. I've worn it with and without a base and it never looks bad. I got the color pout. It's a baby doll pink. It doesn't show up very well on the first swipe, but the color is buildable.

These lipsticks have no taste or smell. The packaging is a steel gray and reflective. It catches fingerprints too easily for my liking.

One downside about these lipsticks is the wear time. I blame it partly on the creaminess. It's almost too creamy if that makes sense. The color tends to not last a long time and it kinda slides off your lips. Another downside is the price. It's $22 a lipstick, about twice the price of MAC.

Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lipgloss
Honestly, this lipgloss is nothing to write home about. The formula is average and there is no pigmentation. I believe this line comes in 3 colors. I bought the color called Space Cowboy. It looks like a peachy color, but it comes out sparkley and almost clear.

I usually wear this gloss over a lipstick. It enhances the color nicely and gives a great shine. I don't like the gloss by itself. It has no real color pay off.

I like that the gloss has a brush applicator instead of the standard doe foot. 

The taste/smell of the gloss is VERY minty. I think there are a great dupe for some of ELF's minty lipglosses and those are more affordable and has better colorpay off.

Honestly at $19 I would pass.


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