Lips Lips Lips: Day 18

SO there are only 3 more days left in February and I'm almost done with this lippie segment. I am on day 18 which isn't bad i'm only about a week behind LOL

I'll stop this on the 28th and then get back to reviewing some more things I just picked up =)

Balmshell Lip Gloss
I bought this from the original website online, but I do believe these are available at Sephora online. I believe these glosses are being slowly discontinued because they're very heavily discounted. 

These glosses are unique because of the packaging. It is duel ended and on one side is the gloss and on the other is a moving picture encased in a glass stick. Each package comes with a little stopped thing so when you are done with the lipgloss, you can turn the moving picture into a keychain.

The formula of these are average, nothing special. They're not sticky and the color is pretty when swatched, but sheer on the lips. There is a slight hint of vanilla when you apply it.  

Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss
This is exclusively available at Sephora. I love them because of the Hello Kitty print and I also love the formula.

These are supposed to be like a tinted lip balm but it's also supposed to have a glossy finish. Most of the colors are pretty sheer, but it gives your lips a nice tint. They do not last a long time so you do have to apply frequently. I normally don't mind because they taste like apples.

I LOVE the packaging too. It looks like a lipstick and I like that it twists up with a cap. The tube is also a pretty good weight, very well made.


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