Lips Lips Lips: Day 17

Hey girlies! I hope everyone is having a fun Friday night! I am at work and bored so I'm gonna blog away! I have a couple of posts that I'm trying to finish. A couple are reviews, my feb favorites and of course HAULS!! My tax return is about to come in so you guys will be seeing me spend a lot of that!

On to the lippies ...

NYX Lipsticks
Do these lipsticks even need an introduction!? If you haven't tried these yet, you are definitely missing out! They are super affordable and cheaper than many drugstore brands. I know a lot of websites also offer discounts if you purchase in bulk. I bought mine off of Cherry Culture.

The formula of these are super creamy. I would say they remind me of MAC lipsticks but minus the scent and taste. The colors are ultra pigmented and the best part is the packaging. The bottom of the tube is actually clear so you can see the true color of the lipstick. This is great when you are storing them and need to reach for one quickly.

I recommend researching the shade before you purchase it. The colors on most of the websites and not accurate.

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer
I actually got this as a gift with purchase when I bought some Neutrogena face wash. I think these are available for purchase?

I imagine that a lot of people have tried their hand cream, you know, the one in the triangle tube that feels like vaseline and has an ultra distinctive smell. Well, this lip balm is just like the cream, minus the sticky thick sensation. It moisturizes decently well and has no taste. I normally throw this in my backpack for windy cold days. I've also tried this underneath lipsticks and it's a win. The formula is a little thicker so it helps fill in the cracks of dry lips to make a smooth surface.

Lip Fusion InFATuation Lip gloss
So I'm not sure what exactly is going on with this brand. I see their stuff on clearance at many places, but I have also seen their stuff being carried at Ulta. I know Hautelook has their stuff sometimes too.

Anyways, these lip glosses are a major win in my book. I bought this little mini set around Xmas time and it was a steal at $9.99 from Ross. It came with three different colors and the sizes are perfect for throwing in your clutch or handbag.

The formula is pretty long lasting and super pigmented. These glosses are def meant to be worn alone. I will warn you that these lip glosses have plumping properties soooo that means they have that tingly feeling to them. One coat isn't bad, but a couple of coats and my lips are tingly for a while. The taste is like mint. It's strong in the beginning and then fades.

Sorry for the crappy picture. The sun had gone down waaay earlier!


Jess said...
February 25, 2012 at 2:55 AM

great shade!!!

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