February ♡ Favorites!

Yaaaay! I'm on time with my February favorites this month! I think ever since I made a light box, it's been easier for me to take pictures. I don't have to wait til day time and everything is a little more focused. 

Let's start with my hair products. I LOVE the It's a 10 line. Honestly I can not rave about it enough. I color treat my hair and the color has lasted A LOT longer with these care products.

I normally have very oily roots by the end of 2 days, but not with these products. You would think with the Miracle Shine Spray, it would make it greasy after a couple of days, noooooo! I have gone THREE days without washing before and my hair still looks like I just washed it the same day. 

My favorite eyeshadows of this month are from Maybelline and Wet n Wild. The Color Tattoo is Bad to the Bronze and the Wet n Wild one is Nutty. Both are neutral taupe shades.

My favorite tool of this month has to be my realtechniques brush. I think I paid $9.99 for it at Ulta and the quality is unbelievable. It's dense and as you can tell, I use it a lot for setting my makeup.

These are all my favorite makeup products of this month.  It's kinda random, but it's what I've been reaching for. The mascara formula is nothing special, but I love the wand. It's shaped like a 'U' so it does dramatically different things depending on which side you flip it.

I love the Tarte Lipsurgence lipsticks. They're so creamy and beautifully pigmented. I highly recommend trying them and they twist up so no sharpener needed.

My favorite concealer-ish products this month are a little bit higher end. The Amazing Cosmetics concealer is like it says, AMAZING. It's thick and creamy and applies like a dream. It doesn't crease and lasts a long time. I have also been reaching for my YSL highlighter. I like to apply it to the outer corner of my eyes and on the sides of my nose for a quick highlight.

Random health favorite this month. I have a very hard time swallowing large vitamin pills especially the Women's One-a-days. So I have changed over to gummies and I love these. They taste good and the plus side, they're only $3 at Target.

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Link me some favorites below! I would love to see yours!

Collective Clothing Swaaaag

It's spring times so I picked up a few pieces to add to the wardrobe. I didn't really buy anything too crazy, but most of the things I bought were on sale. 

I bought this Express shirt from TJ Maxx. It was a great deal at $7.99

I picked up a couple of things from American Eagle. They were having a 40% off their clearance sale. I got this denim mini for $11. 

The long sleeved tee was $5. It has pretty flowers and sequins on it. 

I picked up a couple of things from Target. All their spring clothes is so pretty and has a such pretty prints. I bought 2 dresses. The first one I'll probably wear to work and the second one, I'll wear as a cover up.

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Lips Lips Lips: Day 19

Thebalm AutoBalm Lip gloss
I bought this lip gloss set from TJ Maxx and it was a steal. I paid $19.99 for 5.

I haven't been able to find these lip glosses anywhere else, but I believe they're still available in TJ Maxx. I don't know if Thebalm is changing it's packaging or if they're discontinuing certain products, but TJ as a lot of Thebalm products.

The formula of these vary because of the color. Some are sheer shades and some are just glossy. I like these a lot but they have no lasting power. The sheer shades are not as drying as the red shade. If you can find these I would say go for it.

Sephora Nector Shine
I bought this from Sephora a while ago. It was super affordable at $3. Would I purchase again? prob not.

The taste of this lip gloss is very strange. It's almost like honey or flowers. A bitter taste. The formula is alright but it has no lasting power. I normally wear this over lipstick because there is no color, just a pretty shimmery shine. The applicator isn't a doe foot either, but a brush which I like. 

Hello Kitty Lip Gloss
I LOVE this lipgloss. It's my go to gloss when I travel and when I go out at night.

The formula is very sticky and it does feel like you are wearing lip gloss. I don't mind because I like the color. The swatch below isn't very pigmented, but it looks very pigmented on the lips. It's like a lip stain.

The tip of the lip gloss is a rubbery plastic, slanted and had little holes where the gloss comes out. It's a very interesting looking applicator.

Mini ELF Haul

So during Valentine's Day, ELF offered free shipping on orders over $15. I thought it was a pretty good deal since everything is so affordable.

I placed 2 different orders. The first one was for me and the second one was for you guys as part of my giveaway that's coming up.

For my haul, I bought blushes to try and I also bought one of the Mineral Infused Face Primers. I saw Sam on youtube rave about it and use it in her make up tutorial so I wanted to see for myself. 

So I also visited my local Target today and it's being renovated. It's about to be a super Target! I went into the makeup section and they had about 80% of all the ELF stuff for sale. A ton of blushes, the face primer, cream eyeshadows and most of the studio blushes. If you don't wanna pay shipping, I suggest you head to a super Target, they have most of these things.

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam VS. Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

The directions on the back of the can:
Before first application, practice using the dispenser by shaking the can and applying a small amount of product to a tissue. Shake can well before use and remove cap. Hold can upright and press lightly to dispense a walnut sized amount of product onto back of hand.  Take small dabs of product from hand.  Apply to face one section at a time, blending with short circular motions.

This product is in an aerosol can with a little plastic pump. If you shake it, you can hear the little ball inside. I shook it pretty hard the first time around before I dispensed the foam. The stuff came out white so I was slightly confused. I know this isn't a color changing foam mousse or anything.

I tried to smeared it around the back of my hand, but still no color showed up. I shook it again and dispensed. The same thing happened. It took a third time before actual color showed up in the foam. The mousse feels just like it sounds. If you have ever used hair mousse, then it feels and looks just like that but with color.

The formula is lightweight, but you have to be careful when you are blending it on your face. If you blend it too much, it streaks. Also when blending it, it feels tacky and sticky until it dries. 

I recommend your fingers versus a brush. It helps prevents the streaks. The brush just made the whole process painful. I also tried using a sponge, wet and dry. It works better when the sponge is slightly damp but still I recommend your fingers.

I'm normally a full coverage foundation kinda girl and the coverage to this foundation is very light. I would say similar to maybe a tinted moisturizer. The finish is matte, but even though it is a mousse, I can still feel the foundation on my face. I always finish my foundations with a powder. I recommend a translucent one because a normal colored powder doesn't adhere very well to the tackiness of it.

The lasting power isn't very good either. It lasts less than an 8 hr workday and almost makes my face seem dirty by the end of it. Oh yea, definitely do not get this into your eyes!! I tried to wipe some near it and it stung like hec!

Verdict: eh I'll pass on repurchasing this again. Especially for the price and the coverage. See below I recommend the Revlon on over this.

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse

This mousse also comes in a aluminium can with a plastic pump dispenser, but unlike the Maybelline one, this one didn't have a little ball inside when you shook it.

The way this dispenses is also slightly different than the Maybelline one. The mousse comes out in a bubbley foam more than a smooth mousse. It looks pretty gross honestly. If you dispenses more than below, it it gets air bubbles inside of it and it looks even weirder. 

The coverage to this is a little heavier than the Maybelline one. I would say light to medium. The feel of this mousse foundation is simmilar to a tinted moisturizer. The color blends almost instantly and doesn't have that tacky feel to it like the Maybelline one.

Just like the original Photoready foundation, the mousse foundation also has a slight shimmer to it. It's less noticeable on the face than when swatched on my hands. Revlon refers to the shimmer as "photochomatic pigments." Don't worry that everyone will see the shimmer on your face, it really isn't that noticeable.

The finish to this foundation is very natural with a slight dewy look to it. I applied this with my fingers as well. This does work with a brush (I used a flat top one). I think it's bc the consistancy of this foundation is slightly thicker than the Maybelline one so the brush works well. I don't recommend a sponge. This foundation doesn't have that sticky feeling that Maybelline has so I can use a regular powder.

The lasting power of this foundation is also average, I would say between 5-6 hours. I wouldn't say that it lasts as long as the liquid foundation because I normally get about 8 hrs of wear from that. 

I wasn't really a fan of either mousse foundations, but if I had to pick I would definitely go with the Revlon one. It has better coverage and an overall better feel, less sticky. 

Verdict: Honestly if you already own the original Photoready foundation, the mousse isn't really necessary. I would pick the original liquid foundation over the mousse one any day. I guess if you like a lighter feel to your foundation then I would say try this.

Lips Lips Lips: Day 18

SO there are only 3 more days left in February and I'm almost done with this lippie segment. I am on day 18 which isn't bad i'm only about a week behind LOL

I'll stop this on the 28th and then get back to reviewing some more things I just picked up =)

Balmshell Lip Gloss
I bought this from the original website online, but I do believe these are available at Sephora online. I believe these glosses are being slowly discontinued because they're very heavily discounted. 

These glosses are unique because of the packaging. It is duel ended and on one side is the gloss and on the other is a moving picture encased in a glass stick. Each package comes with a little stopped thing so when you are done with the lipgloss, you can turn the moving picture into a keychain.

The formula of these are average, nothing special. They're not sticky and the color is pretty when swatched, but sheer on the lips. There is a slight hint of vanilla when you apply it.  

Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss
This is exclusively available at Sephora. I love them because of the Hello Kitty print and I also love the formula.

These are supposed to be like a tinted lip balm but it's also supposed to have a glossy finish. Most of the colors are pretty sheer, but it gives your lips a nice tint. They do not last a long time so you do have to apply frequently. I normally don't mind because they taste like apples.

I LOVE the packaging too. It looks like a lipstick and I like that it twists up with a cap. The tube is also a pretty good weight, very well made.

Haul: Birchbox, Nordy, Hautelook

I had a few Birchbox points saved up from various things and I got an email for free shipping if I purchased their lip gloss. I didn't hate the lip gloss and it was only $8 so I thought why not? Everything else shipped for free too with that purchase so I ended up getting some nail polish remover.

Soooo funny thing about this package. It came in this HUGE box with mountains of bubble wrap.

ANNNNND this is all that it had!

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover
I heard a lot of hype about this nail polish remover from another blogger so I had to check it out. I only wanted to purchase 1 bottle, but it was free shipping so I wanted to take advantage of it. I got 2 bottles instead. I believe these were $9.99 a piece.

Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink

The on top is the sample from my Birchbox and the bottom one is the one I bought.
I got such a small sample of this lip gloss that I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. I liked the bright color and the formula was so-so, but the price was too good to not get it. This is the medium size. I think they make it bigger too.

On second thought, what I thought was a good deal, really wasn't. The size is so small even for a medium.

I also did a little online shopping at Nordstorm and at Hautelook. I picked up more make up products, of course bc they were on sale.

This Stila palette was on sale for $7 with free shipping.

A couple of weeks ago Hautelook was having a sale on Urban Decay products. I didn't really need anything, but these 24/7 shadow pencils were too good of a deal to pass up. I believe these pencils are on sale right now on the UD website for the same price. It was $12.

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