Year End Product Gripes =/

I've never did one of these before, but I was going through a bunch of old make up albums and came across a lot of things I never talked about. I think I'll do one of these every month or so, just to let you guys know how I feel about somethings. 

I got these samples in a Birchbox and I finally got around to using them. I don't like the texture it creates with my hair and also my hair is greasy at the scalp. Usually I can go every other day without washing, but not with this. I also didn't like the smell of this either. It's not unpleasant, but I think my pantene smells better.

I've been in a love and hate relationship with Jewelmint all year. I hate now NONE of their pieces are a consistent quality. Some pieces are so well made and makes me want to order more, but some pieces are so cheap and lightweight that I can compare it to Forever21 jewelry. I don't know if I want to continue my subscription in the new year.

This is one of the blushes I got from Inglots this year. I purchased 2 of them and the other one is from their AMC line. This blush is a disappointment bc compared to ALL their other products, it's not pigmented and super glittery. For a few dollars more, I HIGHLY recommend the AMC blush line!

I am a primer junkie. I own a few primers from ever brand and this was probably the worst one I tried. It didn't make my foundation last any longer than normal and also it dried my skin out. The surface of my skin with this primer was WORST than without. It's also super pricey too at $30. Skip it and go for MUFE or anything else.

I HATE this lip/jelly balm from Maybelline. I picked this up during the spring because of the neon packaging and the pretty colors, but they suck. The taste is like awful and there is NO color payoff. I didn't expect there to be any real color, but it doesn't even do it's job of moisturizing. It dries out my lips even more. 

These lip balms were a big disappointment as well. The color pigmentation sucks and the formula is so so. The ones that are clear weren't that bad, but the ones that were supposed to be colored, like the baby milky pink ones, sucked!

Another Birchbox item. This is the Jouer Moisturizing Tint. It made my face super shimmer and light up like a disco ball. Plus there was a lot of transfer to this product too. The coverage was sheer but buildable and there was also a slight fragrance. Pass on this product too. I think thebalm tinted moisturizer is better.

Cheers everyone to a new year and hope everyone is staying warm =)


sunnie's said...
January 4, 2012 at 4:58 PM

Thanks for sharing.
I was searching Maybelline's Crystal lip balms for a while, and fortunately I did not find them.

adthenshesmiled said...
January 5, 2012 at 8:01 PM

@Sunnie I would pass on them. The new ones that are out are much better.

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