Collective Swag Haul: TJ Maxx, Ross

I remembered something I wanted to pick up from TJ Maxx while I was running errands today.

I saw one of these Fekkai Hair dye kits the other day that I didn't but, but I did some research online and it seemed pretty legit, so I went back for it. TJ Maxx sold them for $12.99 and when I looked on the website, it retailed for $30. Crazy huh?

I also picked up some more Christmas shopping. I picked up 2 bottles of perfume. One for my mom and one for my cousin. The first one is by Versace. It's called versense. The smell reminds me of sandlewood and laundry.

The second bottle is by Harajuku Lovers. It's the purple one called Wicked Style Love. This perfume is very sweet. It smells very fruity like grapes to me.

I swung by Ross on my day off and picked up 2 things. First thing is a pair of glittery flats. They're pink with big bows on the front. These are by Steve Madden and I only paid $12! I'm definitely rocking these at Christmas!

Last thing I picked up was a new pea coat. I literally have 100 really nice coats, but whenever I see a coat in a color I don't have, I have to pick it up! This coat was a particularly good deal and I was so surprised it fit that it must have been fate. The coat is a grayish white color by Calvin Klein. 

It only cost me $60 and there's a tag on there with the retail price of $250!! I got it for more than 75% off!! 

And just to throw this in ... my favorite candle of the fall! Pumpkin Cream Pie!!

Thanksgiving Dinnar!

Quick post! Just wanted to show off the cooking skills for today! My family lives 4 hrs away and it's just too far to drive home so I opted to do it at my apt this year for a couple of friends (literally it's just the three of us LOL) 

I'm really thankful for family and friends and people that love me.

I forgot to take pictures before we ate BUT I took them after LOL Sorrrry!

I might have over done it with the food, but I LOOOOOOVE Thanksgiving food! Happy turkey day ladies!

Sigma Black Friday: free shipping!

For one day only, Sigma Beauty will be offering FREE standard WORLDWIDE shipping! It's the perfect time to grab that one brush you've been wanting and not have to pay any shipping/

The offer is valid from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time on Friday November 25th.

Shipping code "BF2011

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Mini Smashbox haul!

I think Smashbox is such an understated brand. Not a lot of beauty gurus rave about it and I don't see that many blogs talk about it either. Ever since my first lip gloss, Smashbox has got me hooked!

Granted, I do think their prices are steep, but the quality is outstanding. I only picked up a few things, but most of these are things that I have owned in the past and loved.

I picked up another one of the 15 hr Studio Skin foundations. This time in shade 2.3, which is one shade lighter than I am now. This is one of my favorite foundations, it applies super smooth and it's also a full coverage foundation.

I like to use this with my Smashbox hydrating primer.

I also picked up another one of my favorite lip balms. It's their lip treatment. My lips are pretty sensitive to different products and if they don't like them, oh you will def know. They will start peeling, cracking and generally just look awful, but I apply this before bed and in the morning, they're soft and re-hydrated.

Last thing I picked up was another lip enhancing gloss. This is one of my all time favorite glosses! It's not sticky and has a sweet vanilla smell/taste. The gloss last a decent amount of time and has a pretty color payoff.

Thats it for now! Anyone else love or hate Smashbox!?

Too Faced Black Friday Deal

Giveaways Galore!

Hello Kitty x Forever 21 Giveaway from Love, Femme

One of my all time favorite blogs is doing a giveaway for the holidays! The prize includes 3 accessories from the new Hello Kitty Collection at F21. Go check out her blog and click here to enter!

Kawaii barbie is hosting wet n wild giveaway!

Yaaay another giveaway by the lovely Kawaii Barbie. Her giveaway is open worldwide and you have until 31st December 2011. Clicky here to enter!

Mail Call: Posts for this week

Just checked my mail and got some packages!! Check back this week for updates!

Stila: Free shipping and gwp!


I haven't been to Ross in FOREVER, but I stopped in before dinner and they actually got a lot of things in stock. I got a few accessories and some sweaters. Fist is a pair of orange gloves and then some tights. I've been looking for orange or maroon colored things like scarves and gloves bc they're my school colors and winter is coming fast this year.

I also picked up 3 different sweaters. I realized that I have A LOT of summery clothes but nothing for Winter. And I don't wanna wear sweatshirts all winter.

The first sweater is a cute white one. I got it in XL bc I think it's gonna shrink and lately I've been obsessed with the oversized shirt look.

The second sweater is just a black knitted vest. It buttons in the front and it looks cute with leggings. I feel like this is something I would buy or see at Anthropologie too. 

The last is sort of a mix between sweater and shirt. It has a pretty stripes pattern. The material is pretty thin but I like that it has a band around the bottom.

I also picked up a couple of dresses from Abercrombie. The style is the exact same, but the print is different. One is a pretty turquoise and the other is a dark pink.

I've already worn the turquoise one with a brown braided belt and a white cardigan. 

October Empties =)

I haven't done one of these posts in FOREVER!! And it's mostly bc I haven't finished anything and partly bc I never use the same product til I finish. It's a bad habit but I just like to try everything!

So here is my small empties post for the month of October (who am I kidding, I've been trying to finish these products since August LOL)

I got a sample of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. I LOVE it. I didn't want to believe the hype, but the texture this foundation creates is so smooth. It's only a light to medium coverage foundation, but it evened out my skin beautifully and I didn't even need a powder on top. Already planning on repurchasing!

I finished up a bottle of Joico Skin Luxe in Sweet Pomagranate. I like the smell of this body wash but I don't think it was moisturizing enough. I also have body wash a.d.d. and I like to use a different one almost weekly. Gonna have to pass on repurchasing this.

This shampoo ... I have nothing good to say about it. I dye my hair a lot so I'm always on the look out for a good shampoo and this one was not it. It's by Yes to Tomatoes Volumizing Shampoo.

First off, the consistency sucks! It's super thick and goopy at the same time (reminds me of my cousin's play dough). It doesn't later well and then afterwords your hair has that dry squeaky clean texture. My hair also likes to tangle after using this shampoo too. As you can tell, I'm passing on repurchasing!

I finished up a pack of these cotton pads. I only show them bc everyone always raves about the ones you can get from the Japanese stores. I found some that are just as good and for pretty cheap too.

I like these better than the traditional cotton balls because they don't lint and don't shed when you try to take off nail polish or make up.

Unforgettably this brand is not the right one. I bought these because the store was out of my usual brand and these suck!!! I'm not sure how many ply they're supposed to be, but if you look at my picture you can see that they aren't even stuck together, making make up removal the worst! Passing on repurchasing this too. Sticking to my usual brand.

What have you ladies finished this month?! Link it below I wanna see!

REVIEW: Frederic Fekkai Salon Color

So I found this little gem inside TJ Maxx the other day and I didn't buy it. But I went home and did a little research and atually liked all the reviews so I went back and bought it.

The kit sold for $12.99 (which is the same price as the John Frieda ones) and retails for $30 here on their website.

Apparently while I was doing some research, I found out that this kit used to sell here at Sephora and at Ulta. They no longer carry it, but you can still see the reviews.

The color I bought was 3N - Darkest Brown. You guys are going to laugh bc my hair is already pretty dark brown, but I used to dye my hair light brown so much that I have to touch up my roots every couple of month or else it turns a disgusting brassy brown.

I'm not sure if you will be able to tell the difference, but this is what my hair looks like before coloring. And I'm going to apologize right now for the shitty pictures. I was trying to do too many things at one time and didn't have good lighting.

The kit comes with all that's seen here. It's a professional kit so it comes with the bowl and brush unlike the at home ones with a bottle. The John Frieda ones (which is supposed to be professional hair coloring at home) comes with a foaming bottle.

The kit comes with something called a pre-treatment. It's just a thick white cream that you apply 2 inches below your roots to help the hair dye adhere to it. The cream smells really really good! 

This is the color that comes out of the tubes. It was a slight vanilla color and smelled like hair dye.

This is what it looked like when I added the developer. It almost looks like I'm making oatmeal or something.

This is the hair dye and developer mixed together. It turns into a goopy paste. Not too thick and not too thin. The smell is pretty strong, but you get used to it. Don't be fooled by the color, it gets darker the longer you let it sit.

I actually prefer using the bowl and brush method. It's a lot less messier and it's easier to get certain areas. Some people prefer to have someone help them, but I didn't have anyone in this case so I did it myself. I started at the roots and worked my way down.

The directions say that the hair color develops in 35 mins.

The hardest part about dying hair is washing out the dye. It splatters everywhere and the worse part was that my apt decided to not have any hot water at the moment. 

This is my hair afterwards wet.

This is the blow dried version.

Overall I love the color. I've used a lot of at home dye kits and none of them have the shininess and depth that this dark brown has. It doesn't feel crunch or dry, just soft and shiny. Great color for the price!

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