Mini TJ Maxx haul!

I don't even know if I would call this a haul because I only bought 2 things. I went by my other local Dollar Tree to see if they had anymore ELF products, no luck. They barely had anything and it was a disaster zone.

The TJ Maxx is located right across the street, so I thought I would go see what they had in stock. I did manage to pick up 2 things that I haven't seen before.

The first thing I picked up was something I meant to feature on my March favorites, but I forgot. I guess I'll save it for April. They are the GO SMiLE Touch Up Ampoules. I have been using these for a long time and they are a great tool in any make up bag. I know that you can buy these at Sephora and online at their website. I've also seen these featured on

The kit I picked up is a little different than the ones that I have been using. I usually just buy the original minty refills online, but TJ actually had a kit that contains:
  • 14 Ampoules (6 Fresh Mint, 4 Watermelon Mint, 4 Green Apple),  0.02oz, 0.59ml each
  • Silver Carrying Case with mirror 

 I always just carry around the pack with me, but the little carrying case is gonna make life so much easier. The pack always ends up getting destroyed in my bag. I got this kit for $14.99, but it can be purchased online here.

These are the ones that I usually buy online. They come with a lot, but the packaging is less than stellar.

The second thing I picked up is a lip gloss by H20+. It's from their lip Oasis line in the color tempt. The color is a light bronzey color with not a lot of shimmer. The packaging is alright. It's square and bulky, but not heavy.

The H2O Plus Lip Oasis Amplifying Treatment claims that it is “a conditioning lip plumping treatment that amplifies volume, redefines lip contour, and enhances natural lip color for full and luscious lips“. I purchased this for only $7.99 at TJ and it retails for $25.00 on their website. I did see that the website does not have the gloss in any other color but clear, that was probably why this one was at TJ.

ELF haul @ the most unlikely place

I was reading prettyaddictions blog and she mentioned that her local Dollar Tree had ELF products. I'm currently living in a very small town and I didn't think I would have much luck, but I did manage to get my hands on a couple of ELF products. I only looked at one of my local Dollar Trees, so if I have time, I'll probably check out the other one to see if they have the blushes or anymore lipstains.

The first couple of things I picked up were from the ELF Studio line and it's their Minty Lip Glosses. They had about 5 out of the 9 colors available. I only picked up the 4 that appealed to me.

The lip glosses are originally $3 from their website so I didn't save a hec of a lot of money, but I didn't have to pay shipping or anything like that. I'll probably review these soon.

San Diego is a coral-red with gold flecks of shimmer.
New York City is a medium pink with subtle gold micro-shimmer.
Boston is a cranberry purple color with chunky gold and blue shimmer.
Seattle is a clear base with shimmers in white, pink, gold, silver, green, and blue.

The next thing two things I picked up from ELF's studio line were a tube of their 2 in 1 conditioning gloss and 1 of their lip stains.

They had a lof of the 2 in 1 conditioning glosses, but I only purchased one in the color 'Supermodel'. When you first get it, you will squeeze out clear gloss, but after reading a couple of reviews, I found out that if you squeeze on the bottom/middle part, the colored gloss will come out. I tried that and it does! The gloss comes as a doe foot applicator, so it doesn't irritate the lips.The color Supermodel is very sheer, and it does sort of blend it with your natural color of lips, but for $1 you can't complain.

I bought the lip stain in the color Fashionista and it was one of the last colors left. The lip stains are super pigmented and the color was kind of so so for me. It didn't really apply like a lip stain, but more like a liquid lipstick.  And if you don't follow the directions, it can look like paint. I'll probably do a quick review on these 2 lip products together once I wear it a few more times.

A couple more treasures that I picked up in Dollar Tree was some Sally Hansen products. There wasn't very much left, so I just picked 2 of what I saw. I bought a tube of their Moist & Matte Liquid Color in Shantung and a tube of their Smile Brightening Lip Treatment in Luminous. The Moist & Matte Liquid Color comes in a tube like a lipstick but the color comes out through holes at the top like a gloss.  The Smile Brightening Lip Treatment is a pretty pigmented gloss and I'm not sure if it makes my smile brighter, but the gloss is not sticky and pretty moisturizing. I'll probably do a review on this later.

I also picked up a clear glass container to hold my make up brushes in. I want to do something like the Sephora inspired looks, but I have no idea where to find the little beads that are inside the container.

OOTD: Downtown Drama

I was going out to dinner and I thought that I would snap an outfit of the day pic!
What I'm wearing: 
  • Shoes: BCBGeneration from TJ Maxx
  • Jeans: PacSun
  • Top: Rue21
  • Purse: DSW
  • Jacket: Macys

Ulta haul!

I got both my LM order and my Ulta order in the mail today! Yaaaaaay! I'm still feeling a little under the weather so this at least cheered me up.

I never really order from Ulta but they were having their 21 days of beauty sale and I just couldn't resist. Plus, shipping was free with a $25 purchase.

The first thing I got was the Cargo Blue Ray Pressed Powder in 20 Medium. This powder was highly recommended by saaammage so I thought I would give it a try and I've been meaning to pick up a new powder. AND it didn't hurt that the powder was 50% off of the original price ($30).  This was apart of their 21 days of beauty sale and I also got a freebee.

The pigmentation of this powder is great. This is just after one swipe and you can tell that it works. The texture of the powder is smooth and really creamy. I plan on wearing this over my foundation. I've read in a couple of blogs that this powder can appear cakey if not applied lightly.

I have always heard really good thing about all NYX products and I've been meaning to try them but it's really hard to get my hands on some. They're a really good value for the quality that you are getting. This is my first cream blush from their line and I got it in the color Boho Chic (Rs 650).  It is a nice pale pink shade with subtle silver glitter which gives you a nice dewy natural look. The color is really light and it was reallyhard to swatch on my skin.

The last couple of things I bought were the NYX round lipsticks. I bought them in the shades Rose Bud, B52, and Milan. This is my first time buying the lipsticks and I really like them. The texture is really creamy and they do not dry out your lips. I didn't know which shades to get so I checked out a couple of swatches online. The shades that I picked up were very similar.  I got a total of 4 NYX products because they were having a buy one get one half off sale.

ANND of course my 3 free samples!

Laura Mercier Haul!

I have been super sick lately, but I was extremely happy that I got my Laura Mercier order (Blog!)! I have been dying to try out the Silk creme foundation and all the little freebees that I got.

The first couple of things I purchased were from the Laura Mercier base makeup line because they were having a sale that if you by 2 of their flawless skin items, you can get a FULL SIZE foundation primer for FREE!! That was an amazing deal because a full size foundation primer costs $30 plus tax, so I just couldn't pass that up! 

But anyways, I bought the silk cream foundation. I have been wanting to try this since I watched all the youtube videos, so I finally got a chance to try it. I am in the shade "hazelnut beige".  It was really hard for me to pick a shade because I had never tried on the foundation before and the nearest store is hours away. I read a couple of blogs and they said that the hazelnut beige shade was the closest to NC35-40. I put a little on my neck and it was perfect. I think with my setting powder, it will match very closely. The color on the tube is definitely
darker than the actual foundation.

The next thing I bought was their Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. After reading all the reviews, I just had to get my hands on it. I love the texture and the soft silky feel it gives your foundation.

 And of course, my free primer =)

These are the 3 samples I got with my purchase. They're deluxe samples too! I received 1 LM eye basic eyeshadow primer in wheat, 1 LM body scrub in almond, and a small pot of their cake liner. I love their line of body washes and scrubs bc the smell is so amazing. My current favorite is creme brulee.

Out of all the samples I got, I was excited to try the new and reformulated version of Laura Mercier's cake eyeliner, now called "Tightline Cake Eye Liner." I was a little confused on how to use this product when I got it. It didn't swatch very well and seemed kind of chalky, but apparently you have to use an activator. The activator contains a unique polymer and is supposed to make the liner very long lasting. Before some bloggers used water as an activator, but the consistency of it isn't the same with the new formula.

Birchbox: A Present Every Month

So I recently joined a makeup subscription program called Birchbox. It costs $10, but they send you high end samples to try each month, for example i've seen people get NARS and Laura Mercier samples. It's been pretty popular on a lot of blogs and youtube channels. I'm super excited to get my box next month!!


I wasn't  totally sold on the idea but I am absolutely in LOVE with little products! It'll be a good opportunity for me to try out some new brands and to try new products from brands I already love!

Here's some more info: Every month you get a box of 4-5 deluxe samples delivered to your door. It's a recurring $10 a month (you can cancel at any time), or you can pay a yearly fee of $110.  If you like the deluxe sample sizes, you can buy the full size from their website. Also, you can take surveys to get loyalty points for free birchboxes or discounts off the full size products! If you sign up for the monthly service, you get 10 loyalty points. If you sign up for the year long one, you get 110. 100 points gets you $10 off a full size product!  

Source up for Birchbox HERE

Yay! Spring Giveaway by Varnishvixen!

Varnishvixen is hosting an amazing giveaway!
You can find it here! I've never tried the shatter polishes and the nearest ulta/sephora is a few hours away =(

Hunnylovins is hosting an amazing giveaway!

Hunnylovins is hosting an amazing giveaway!
omg, i could never afford these brushes so I hope I win!
It ends April 6, 2011.
click here.

CVS Haul and deals this week!! 3/27-4/2

Sometimes I get bored at work and I check out the Sunday paper. It's a really good place to score some good coupons. For some reason, I started looking at coupons and then checked out the CVS ad. A lot of the coupons matched up, making everything really cheap. So I stopped by my local CVS after work and picked up a couple of things.

This week they're featuring Physicians Formula Cosmetics. So when you buy any Physicians Formula Cosmetics you get $7 extra bucks. It's basically a coupon that prints on the bottom of the receipt that you can use on your next purchase. I bought this first so I could have the coupon and buy other things! I picked up one of their concealer pallets to try. It has a green concealer on one side and a neutralizer on the other side. I have a lot of red in my face so I'm hoping this will get rid of it.

I also picked up a bottle of  Skintimate moisturizing cream shaving cream. The cost of the shaving cream was $3.49 with your CVS card and they also gave you back $2.50 in extrabucks reward that you can use for your next purchase. I also happened to have a coupon from the sunday paper and it took 55¢ off. It was like I only paid 44¢ after savings!! I don't particularly like the smell of this brand, i prefer gillette, but for 44¢ you can't really complain.

I also bought two of these Clean&Clear body washes. I've been dying to try them because their commercials keep coming on the TV. And also because in this Sunday's paper, there was a buy 1 get 1 free coupon and they are on sale for $2.99. So I basically paid $1.50 for each of them. They come in 3 scents, but I only bought the orange one above which is mango and papaya and the pink one which is pomegranate and orange zest. The smell is super fruity so if you don't like fruit, I wouldn't suggest it for you.

I also picked up some of these Olay facial towelettes because I had another coupon from the Sunday paper! This week is full of good coupons! I only paid $1.99 for these! It's a great price to pay to try these out. I got the kind for combination/oily skin. Be careful though because the CVS ad shows the facial towelettes in the box and the rang up at full price ($6.49), instead of the sale price $3.99.

I also purchased the volumizing shampoo and conditioner from the Bioluxe line. I haven't seen this line anywhere else but at CVS. I tried the conditioner before and I really loved it because it was light and it didn't leave my fine hair greasy or limp. CVS also had a special on it this week, it was buy 1 get 1 free. I paid $10.50 for both bottles.

Sonia Kashuk Deal Alert!!

Sonia Kashuk Silver Brilliance Kabuki Brush $5.99 + Free Ship, 60% Off!

Target has the Sonia Kashuk "Silver Brilliance" Kabuki Brush as one of its daily deals today for only $6.99 (53% off Regular price is $14.99) and it's with free shipping! The Brush is from their limited edition 2010 Holiday Line. Here's a review: Brush Review!

Plus when you enter coupon code TGTRJ8M7 you save an extra dollar so the total comes to $5.99 plus tax. My total with VA sales tax was $6.30 which is about 60% off regular price!!

Don't forget to use your favorite cash back site too! I used E B A T E S for 3% back at target. It is totally free to join and with all the online shopping I do, it really adds up!!

Linky: Sonia Kashuk Silver Brillance Kabuki

Jane Cosmetics on Hautelook! is featuring Jane Cosmetics for only $4.00! It has everything from eyeshadows to powders to lipsticks! The website is a members only, but it's completely free to sign up. The shipping takes a little while because the company has to ship the product to hautelook and then they ship it to you. I've ordered Rock & Republic cosmetics as well as Pop cosmetics from them!

Target trips get me everytime

So I was extremely hung over today and what makes a hangover go away?! SHOPPING!! lol I visited Target and bought a couple of makeup items and I also swung by my local Rugged Warehouse and picked up a pair of shoes.

I picked up four brushes and a blending sponge from Sonia Kashuk's line. I also picked up some concealer by Maybelline, and a tube of L'oreal studio secrets anti-redness primer. I have a lot of redness in my cheeks area that doesn't look like a flush so hopefully this green corrector will fix it.

Rugged Warehouse

These boots were on sale and we know how I can't resist a sale. I only paid $3.00 for them so if anything happens to them I don't care.

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