Review: Wet n Wild LE Palettes

Both of these palettes are LE for the Holidays. I believe these are exclusive to Walgreen's because I haven't seen them anywhere else. Some Walgreen's started carrying them in October, but mine didn't it til recently. I found mine at a tiny little endcap display.

I know there are TONS of reviews and swatches of these, but I still like to swatch all my palettes =)

I Heart Matte Coloricon Palette

Browbone: This is a matte white. This color has lovely pigmentation and the shadow was soft but slightly powdery. Be sure to pat it on and you can get an opaque white.

Eyelid: This is a bright emerald green in the pan but its definitely darker in real life. The shadow applied like a dream. It was soft, pigmented and not chalky at all.

Crease: This is a pretty light blue color. It seemed like it was the same consistency as the green but when I tried to swatch it, it was really hard. The shadow didn't come out as "true" blue as I would have liked either.

Definer: This deep purple with slight sparkles. I didn't notice the sparkles til I actually went to swatch it on my arm. The swatch really sucked too. The shadow felt very dry and I had swatch a lot of times to get a some what decent color payoff.

Browbone: A beige that reminds me of a shade from the Naked Palette. It's perfect for highlighting.

Eyelid:  This is a peachy orange color. It reminds me of those terracotta pots you see in home depot. The shadow is soft, pigmented, and easy to swatch.

Crease: This is a dark chocolate brown. This shadow was pigmented, soft, and easy to swatch too.

Definer: This is a pretty pure black color. The color was kind of hard for me to swatch. The shadow isn't as soft or as pigmented as I would like, but I feel like black is mainly used as a liner so it can't be that soft.

This palette only cost $4.99 and you get 8 shadows, which is a heck of a deal for the pigmentation. Some are definitely more pigmented than others, but I can see myself using the neutrals more anyways.

Some of the eyeshadows are powdery, but I always wear eye primer so it feels a little less powdery when I apply it.

Baked Not Fried LE Palette

I have to admit, when I first saw this palette I thought it was going to be a lot bigger than it actually was. This palette is very tiny, but there is a lot of product. I don't think I'll actually finish it, but it just seemed bigger in pictures.

The packaging of this Wet n' Wild's palette is plastic with a black base and a removable clear plastic lid. It was a little difficult to open when I first got it, but when you do it a couple of times, it gets easier.

These shadows are a lot harder than the ones from the ColorIcon palette and slightly powdery. I found them extremely hard to swatch and you definitely need to layer to get the same color as the pan. They are also very glittery too so watch out for fallout.

I think these shadows are great wet too. There is less fallout and it's easier to achieve the in pan color.

I really like the miniature ColorIcon Shimmer Eye Pencil too. I have a lot of these pencils in the full size and I like that they're soft and pigmented. The one that came with this palette is a "bronze" color, but applies pretty brown. It reminds me of UD 24/7 Baked.

I didn't pick up any of the other 2 palettes because the bright colors just didn't appeal to me, but I might just go back to get them just bc they are LE and I like to have a complete collection. I'm weird like that. 

What are your ladies thoughts on these palettes? Anyone having as much trouble finding them as I did?


Purpleanel said...
December 17, 2011 at 12:46 AM

Those swatches look great! I need to buy more Wet N Wild eyeshadow!

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