OOTD: Friends In Town

So my old roomie was in town for the weekend and we went out for drinks. It got a little out of hand and completely crazy, but those are the best kind of nights right? There was a lot of falling and a lot of laughing. Cheers to those weekends.

She has a fashion blog here if you wanna check it out. This is the outfit I wore. I also had boots on with it bc it was chilly, but for some reason I never have shoes on with my outfits lol

Dress: Hollister
Sweater: Ross
Belt: Forever 21
Bracelet: Jewelmint (zip bracelet) 
Scarf: Express

I also LOVE to eat at a restaurant called 5 Guys. They sell burgers and fries and they're nommy. I love the corkboard they always have where fans design a notecard and pin it to the board.

I never get really personal on this blog, but lately things haven't been running so smoothly for me. Ever have one of those relationships with people that you can't define? I've been trying define this s*it show of mine for 3 years now and it's pretty evident that things aren't working out. I wasted a long time kinda hanging onto a hope/dream. 

Anyways, Hope you ladies are having a great hump day!


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