Jewelmint: Sad day =(

I broke one of my favorite pieces from Jewelmint!! Noooooo!

I was wearing this piece over Thanksgiving when I looked down and it had broken =( One of the links where the jewel was had snapped.

I contacted CS and they told me that the piece was sold out, but they would email be a return shipping label and I would get 1 credit back.

I was so mad bc I wanted to keep this piece, but I didn't want to keep it broken. I got extremely lucky on Jewelmint's FB wall.  A girl contacted me and told me that she had an extra one she was trying to sell. She was super nice and mailed the bracelet out before she even got payment.

I told her that I couldn't use my paypal account bc something happened and it's locked up so I would mail her a check. She was so understanding and really nice! Cheers to meeting nice people!

Anyone have anything break from Jewelmint?


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