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So I did it again. Every time I go home I make a stop at Sephora and Ulta. It's like a drug, no matter how tired I am I have to stop. I separated this into a couple of different hauls bc I didn't wanna bombard everyone with stuff.

Ulta has been sending me coupons non-stop this month. I have at least 4 different coupons and I only got the chance to use one of them. The Ulta in my town was pretty picked over and the line was hella long so I didn't feel like going back and trying to use the other coupons. 

Plus, I prefer to shop at Sephora anyways. Their point system is better. Oh yea ... I finally made VIB with only a few days left in the year =) yaaaay!

On to the haulage ...

I bought a pair of Eylure lashes in 202. These are double lashes so hopefully they will make my eye lashes look fuller. I heard really good things about these lashes so hopefully they live up to the hype.

I also bought the powder brush from the Real Techniques Line. I saw a couple of reviews for some of these brushes and I have a blush and foundation brush from this line and I like it so I thought I would try the powder one.

I had a coupon for $5 off a $10 purchase so the lashes basically came out to be free.

The next couple of things were impulse buys. 

I bought a lipstick from Smashbox. Its called Pout. It's a baby doll pink. I might take it back. The color payoff kinda sucks and it wasn't the color I was originally going for.

I also bought a new primer bc the sales girl was color matching my foundation and she said I had a lot of red undertones. I didn't think so, but she had me doubting myself so I picked up Smashbox's Color Correcting Primer in Green. Hopefully it helps out my skintone.

Last thing I picked up was a Sparkling Lip Gloss by Urban Decay. The color selection was pretty picked over so I got the last tube called Space Cowboy. It's a minty sheer glitter gloss. These remind me of the ELF ones. Taste and color.


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