HAUL: Sephora (2 separate orders)

Sephora sent out these gift card every year for VIBs and Beauty Insiders. This year the promotion was $15 off a $50 purchase. I read on a couple of blogs that these gift cards can be used on purchases under $50.

I didn't really need any of the stuff that was less expensive and plus when you order under $50, you have to pay shipping. I would rather buy more and return than buy less and have to pay shipping.

I was originally deciding between the Hello Kitty perfume or the new Coach Poppy perfume, but this deal was too good to pass up and I really wanted a new perfume. This is their holiday kit they release every year. I've seen it for the past couple of years, but what they do is pick 12 popular perfumes and feature it in this set.

The set comes with 12 vials of sample perfume, a coupon for a free full size perfume, and a travel friendly spritzer. It costs $50 and I was looking at the samples and they actually have the Coach Poppy perfume! So for $50 you get the samples and a full size perfume. I believe the full sized Coach perfume retails for $65.

I also got the standard 3 samples. THREE more perfume samples. I got the 2 that I wanted and then the random Narciso Rodriguez one that I didn't ask for. It smells like old ladies and flowers. Yuck. I also entered a code and got 7 skincare samples.

Then my roomate received the same email and she ended up not using hers so I ordered some more things. Helloooo shopping addict ...

I've been eyeballin the Hello Kitty palette for a while now and never actually went ahead and pulled the trigger, but since it was on sale I went ahead and bought it anyways. It was a great bargain at $34. Seeing it in person, I might take it back to the store for something else. I have a ton of palettes and it's actually really bulky and untravel friendly.

I also picked up some things from Shiseido. I got these facial cotton pads and their body replenishing cream. The facial pads are pricey, but I love them. They don't lint and they hold together really well, even for nail polish removing. The bargain ones you buy from the store SUCK and always leave little pieces behind.

The Body Replenishing Cream was definitely an impulse buy. I need a new body moisturizer and I read that this one helps get rid of stretch marks. It has a cooling sensation when applied.

Last thing I picked up was a Jack Black Lip Balm. I used to have one of these tubes in every purse but I lost all of them. I wanted the original mint scent but they were sold out online, so I bought the lavender vanilla one instead.

The included the standard 3 samples.

Then I put in a code for a perfume sample bag. It had quite a bit of samples in it. I think I'm set for life with all my perfume samples and baby vials.

I'm slowly starting to nail down what I like in perfume and what I don't like. I am definitely not a florals type of girl. I like clean and slightly fruity smells. So out of everything so far, I don't like the Escada, Justin Bieber, and D&G.  I highly recommend the Gucci Flora. It's a good mixture of fruity, clean, and slightly floral.


Jeweled Thumb said...
December 22, 2011 at 8:06 PM

Great hauling. I was boring and got gifts for my coworkers with my gift card. =)

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