Haul: Body Central, VS, Charlotte Russe

I went to the mall to return a pair of boots that didn't fit and I figured I would just walk around. Bad idea lol I ended up buying a couple of things for myself.

First stop was Body Central. I really didn't plan on purchasing anything from here, but I saw these earrings I really wanted. I saw something similar on Forever 21's website but the shipping was ridiculous. I paid $3.80 for these, such a good deal.

I plan on only wearing one at a time. I think they're a little too much to wear both at the same time.

Next stop was Charlotte Russe. I usually don't buy anything from here because it's the only trendy clothing store in our town so a lot of people have the same pieces. I did however pick up a basic white lacey tank to layer with.

I was paying for it when I saw they had a bin of 99 cent panties at the register. I'm a sucker for panties (prob have a thousand pairs and still get more) so I picked up 6 pairs. I was paying and the sales girl told me that if I presented a student id, I can get 10% off. Woot so these panties were only 89 cents!

Last stop was Victoria's Secret. I didn't buy anything from there but I did redeem 2 of my panty coupons! Yaay for free panties! The pink one is the new fashion show panty. I'll prob give both of these to my mom since I just bought a bunch.


che said...
December 9, 2011 at 6:35 AM

Oh nice buys! The charlotte russe undies are actually really cute and yay for 89 cents. Haha I only go to VS if I can redeem something free from my purchase but the undies you go are cute, so nice of you to give them to your mom.

e-fashion-beauty said...
December 9, 2011 at 9:20 AM



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