Drugstore Haul: Walgreens, CVS

I've been seeing a lot of posts on things people are finding in drugstores and I really wanted to run and buy everything! I refrained myself ... but just a little. I was super surprised that my drugstores even carried anything that I saw online. They're usually super slow getting it.

The Walgreens is located 1 town over from me and I was so sick and tired of making trips over there. But I was returning something,  so I stopped in to see if they finally had the Wen N Wild palettes I was looking for. I had gone so many times and didn't see them. The sales lady actually remembered me and showed me where they were. She said they came in literally the day after I had asked.

I picked up 3 different palettes. Two by Wet n Wild and one by Profusion. I'm going to do a separate post on the Wet n Wild palettes. I think it's too much to swatch it all here.

The Profusion palette was a complete impulse buy. I believe the 99 cent price tag had a huge influence over me. The shadows are what you expect from this type of palette and nothing special. They're not very pigmented and kinda chalky. Unless you are just beginning, I wouldn't waste your dollar on this, but they would make great stocking stuffers for little kids.

I really regret only picking up one color from this collection. I think I'm going to go back and pick up a couple more of them. Essie makes my favorite polishes. I love them more than OPI and China Glaze. I got this bottle called A Cut Above. It reminds me of the Revlon polishes that were released a little while ago (the Deborah Lipmann dupes) with the big chunky glitter.

Last few things I picked up were the Carmex lip balm in lime twist and a couple of the Revlon Lip Butters. I saw the Carmex flavor on one of my favorite blogs, Jayme and Mendi's Her Late Night Cravings and I was curious so I picked it up. I have a separate review up for the Revlon Lip Butter here with swatches and close ups.

The next stop I made was at CVS and I only picked up a few things. I believe these are all new because I haven't seen them before. 

I picked up one of these Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr cream gel eyeshadows. Wheew. That was a mouthful. The packaging of these is exactly like the Eyestudio gel liner. It has a plastic cap and a thick glass base.

The color I picked up was Tough as Taupe. I like the consistency of these. They're creamy and then dries matte. The color is a bit flat and doesn't have a lot of dimension to it. I think the color looks less taupe and more like a concrete gray.

I was a little unprepared for which color I wanted to buy, but I saw some swatches of Bad to the Bronze and I really want that shade. The best part about these is that once you apply it, it's not budging. I was trying my hardest to smear the swatch and it didn't move.

The last 2 things I bought were these Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Lipsticks. I believe these are new too. They had their own little display at the end cap. The odd thing about these lipsticks is the packaging. I don't like it bc it looks cheap and it also looks like the cap should twist off and the base is a lipgloss.

I picked up 2 colors. One is a pink and the other one is a deep red. I wanted a nude color, but the display was full of similar colors to the ones I picked. They were all in the pinks or reds family.


Jenna said...
December 7, 2011 at 12:33 PM

Looks like you had a great haul! I can't wait to see the wet n wild palette, because I have been waiting to see a review on it!

That’s So Fletch
xo, Jay

Hunter87 said...
December 7, 2011 at 1:46 PM

Great Haul
I really like those Revlon Lip Butters.

Sweet As Honey Blog said...
December 7, 2011 at 2:44 PM

Great haul! You got some awesome items. Enjoy.

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