December Birchbox 2011

I FINALLY got my Birchbox. I received the shipping notice one and a half weeks before the actual box showed up in my mail. I can't believe it took that long, especially since I live on the same coast as NY and it's only a 4 hr drive from me. I could prob drive and pick it up faster than the shipping.

I have to say this box definitely underwhelmed me. I was pretty excited to see a couple of makeup items BUT another perfume sample!? Does Birchbox think I stink?

The box didn't come with the traditional pink paper. Instead this box has the pretty white sparkley paper.

Benefit Cosmetics
The POREfessional
Camouflage visable pores with this velvety face primer. The translucent formula works wonders beneath makeup.

Harvey Prince
Take a deep breath and relax with this calming scent. Notes of sandalwood, Egyptian myrrth, and grapefruit will help you feel as good as you smell.

Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink
We teamed up with one of our favorite brands to create this custom fuchsia shade. Apply one coat for semi-sheer pigment, or build it for a hot pink pout.

Huile Prodigieuse OR Multi-Usage Dry Oil Shimmer
Apply this gorgeous oil to face and body to give skin a silken feel and subtle glow. You can also work a couple of drops through your hair for softness and shimmer.

+ PREP ShowStoppers
Designer Fashion Tape
Celeb stylists swear by these double-sided tape strips, which will ensure that your party dress stays perfectly in place.

Orange Natural Energy Booster
Bounce back post-party with this tangy citrus energy booster, packed with a mega-dose of nutrients.


Miranda said...
December 19, 2011 at 12:53 AM

The lip gloss is my fav...I haven't stopped using it since I got it in my birchbox =)

sunnie's said...
December 19, 2011 at 10:51 AM

Perfume samples always disappoint me. It is nice to test the perfume but the size is killing me. Can't they just throw in a deluxe sample size?

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