October Ulta hauling!

Ulta makes it too easy to feel like a kid in a candy store. I was walking from one display to the other, just picking up things I wanted to try. It's dangerous especially when you just got paid.

First stop was the Benefit counter. I picked up the B. Right Skincare Trio for $12. It has a bottle of the facial emulsion, total moisture face cream, and facial polish. I have always been interested in trying Benefits face products, but never get around to it. The bottles are the perfect size and they're also made of glass too. So nice and sturdy!

I also picked up Benefit's Watt's Up. It's a highlighter. I saw this on a display and lately I've been a little obsessed with highlighters and want to try them all! One end is the highlighter stick and the other end is a sponge tip for blending. 

One downside is the price. It's $30. So kinds pricey for a highlighter.

I'm also a little bit obsessed with blushes at the moment and I had to pick up another one of the Tarte amazonian clay blushes. I got it in the color Amused. I was expecting a pretty bright pink, but it's more muted and you really have to build it up.

I accidentally dropped my Cargo HD powder compact and the thing shattered into 1,000 pieces. I've been trying to salvage what I can, but it's damn near impossible and I really didn't want to salvage it, so I picked up another one.

I wanted to pick this up during the Sephora sale, but Ulta is the only place that carries this brand.

This is right after I dropped it. It looks worse now. It's all over the lid and crumbly.

Yaaaay! Brand new one!
That's it for now! What are you ladies hauling recently?


aki! said...
November 5, 2011 at 2:51 AM

That highlighter... seems really expensive. And quite bright too. You just reminded me that I would like to try out some blushes. Fall colors and all.

adthenshesmiled said...
November 5, 2011 at 9:32 AM

@aki! The highlighter is expensive, but I picked it up with the 20% off sale and there is a lot of product too! I've used it everyday and barely made a dent in it. The new L'oreal Project Runway collection has some pretty fall blushes.

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