REVIEW: theBalm The Balm and the Beautiful Palette

So when I purchased this palette, I didn't realize that it has the exact same products as the limited edition “Cast Your Shadow” Muppets Palette. I didn't get a chance to pick up the Muppets palette plus there was only 1,000 released so I think it's hard to find. But if any of you missed out, go and pick up this one. 

Oh and Temptalia does a good review/comparison here!

Apparently this palette isn't even supposed to be released yet because it's for the upcoming holiday season. I got mine at my local TJ Maxx for $19.99 so be sure to check yours out!

This palette has sixteen eyeshadows, two lip/cheek stains, and one lipgloss. 

The inside of the cover has a cut little mirror and it's decorated in the soap opera print.

Here are the shadow swatches. Their names are made up to match the theme of the palette. In the Muppets palette, the same shadows have different names. Kinda annoying.

Natural Light

With flash (I look like I have zombie colored arms lol)
The Oil Tycoon: Copper brown with shimmer
The Estranged Mom: Olive green with shimmer
The Supermodel: Golden bronze shimmer
The Bad Boy: Dark brown with copper glitter

The Southern Belle: Roya blue with shimmer
The Mother-In-Law: Dark gray with shimmer
The Guy Who Died But Didn’t Really Die: Brownish with gray hints
The Mistress: Metallic silver

The Step Brother: Forest green with sight gold shimmer
The Coma Patient: Frosty pink 
The Police Man: Bright blue with shimmer
The Brain Surgeon: Purple with shimmer

The Neighbor: Light gold frost
The Stock Broker: White frost
The Basket Case: Nude/beige frost
The Older Woman: Pink frost

The Drama Queen: Coral-red 
The Perfect Man: Fuschia pink
The Evil Twin: Beige slightly pink nude
This palette is so pigmented and pretty. It has a variety of neutrals and colors for everyday looks. The palette is also a steal at $20, it's like  dollar per shadow!

I also really like the packaging. It's practical. There are 2 snap magnetic openings. One over the shadows and one over the lip products. This prevents everything from mixing together.


Vida said...
October 2, 2011 at 4:05 PM

Thanks for the tip about the balm at tjmax. I am excited to check it out, I love tjmax! This seems like another great palette from them, it is so cute =)

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