October Hauling!

I usually don't buy a lot of jewelry, but lately I've been on a binge. I'm really loving gold pieces.

I picked up this piece from TJ Maxx. It's a Betsy Johnson ring. I love it because the little pieces dangle on the top and I've never had anything else like it.

It has a little dragonfly and little beads. Here's a picture from the website.

I also picked up this bangle set from Coldwater Creek. I've never bought anything from them, but it was such a good deal. I paid less than $10 for these. They have teal detailing on them.

I also picked up a wallet from Kate Spade. I have been looking for just a simple billfold. It was apart of their 70% off sale. I'm kicking myself bc there was a bag I really wanted and now it's sold out. I should have bought it when I saw it.


eji patanao said...
October 7, 2011 at 4:46 AM

i love accessories, i remember my highschool days, almost everyday, i wear different pairs of earrings haha :)

would you like to join my giveaway? it's my first time :)

model's own lipstick giveaway :)

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