Haul: TJ Maxx

I went a little overboard in my local TJ Maxx today. They had a brand new shipment of make-up and so I literally bought some of everything. I figured if I bought this stuff at Sephora, it would be twice as much, so I was getting a good deal.

If you ladies like thebalm products, my Tj Maxx got a huge shipment of new things, I would definitely go look soon to see if you can get your hands on some of this stuff.

I'm just going to show pictures and then I'll show swatches and reviews in a different post.

The first and only non make up thing I bought were these Steve Madden wedges. I saw them on the website at the begining of summer and I didn't get them. Good thing I waited because these were on clearance for $5. What a steal!

The first make up item I got was this Fusion Beauty Fab 5 Kit. It was $19.99 and has 5 of their products. I love their lip glosses and I've also tried their primer and I like it as well. Plus these smaller products make it easier to take with me when I travel.

The lipgloss is called In the Flesh. But I'll def do another post with things up close and the names. This is just an overview.

I got a palette and 2 lipgloss sets from thebalm. The palette was $19.99 and the lipgloss sets were $24.99

This was a rare find in TJ Maxx. I found this Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow. It's in shade clover dew. It came with the little applicator. This was $16.99

The color is a pearly green and the consistency of the shadow is so smooth. It goes from cream to powder.

The last thing was a powder brush. I loved the design on the handle and this was only $6.99.

Sorry about the long haul, but I wanted to share everything with you guys! What's everybody hauling lately? Anyone gonna stop by their TJ Maxx!?


Lauren Baker said...
October 1, 2011 at 2:08 PM

Some great finds! I wish the UK one was that good. xx

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