These ppl are on crack: Missoni for Target via Ebay

Come on, this is getting ridiculous. I tried to log on yesterday to get ANYTHING from the Missoni for Target collection but the website crashed. It was gone the entire rest of the day. I tried to visit my local store, but only bare shelves awaited me. Where has all the product gone?!? Apparently the answer is EBAY ...

These people are out of control. There are currently 37,000+ listings for the Missoni for Target items and most things run 2 to 3x their Target value. This dress was prob $50 at most is going for $200+!!!

Source: SheFinds

Anyone manage to pick anything up besides having to resort to Ebay?


Marie said...
September 15, 2011 at 11:51 AM

Yikes, this is just too crazy.

***** Marie *****

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