Some Friday Hauling ...

Hey Ladies! Today is my first real day off in a week. I work at a hotel and recently we have been changing staff, so I've been working 3rd shift. If you don't know what 3rd shift is, it's the overnight one, so I work from 11pm-7am. I am exhausted!

I slept for a little bit and then I went out to do a little shopping.

First stop is Big Lots. I don't go here very often, but this was next to my TJ Maxx so I stopped in. I only bought a couple of things and they're mostly drugstore. I got some Clairol Natural Instincts hair dye. I bought 2 different shades of black. These were a good deal bc they came with free Venus razors. AND they were only $4!! 

I also picked up some of my favorite cotton pads. I use these more than cotton balls because they DO NOT LINT!! It's really good for removing eye make up and nail polishes.

The next places I stopped was TJ Maxx. I can never leave this store empty handed. I didn't get very much, but the deals I got were pretty good.

I bought 2 pairs of American Eagle tights. They were only $2.99

I had to pick this up when I saw it. I bought the Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume. The bottle is pretty and I've always liked the smell.

I also bought 2 different tops. The dress was $2 and the top is by American Eagle and it was $3.

The last place I stopped was Ross. I didn't really see anything I wanted to buy, but I did pick up a pair of yoga pants for $8.99

That's it for now! What have you ladies been up to on this lovely Friday!?


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