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So I bought a couple of sale products from Urban Decay and I've used it enough to review a couple of them. I'm normally a HUGE fan of their products but NONE of these worked for me. I won't stop buying UD products just bc of this review. My next purchase is actually going to be the 15th anniversary palette.

The first thing up is the Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. I bought it in bulletproof and I must say that the color selection is dark! This is the 2nd to last shade and I'm NC40 right now and it's too dark for me. 

Let's talk about the consistency. It sucks. I'm not sure if I got a defective bottle or something weird, but the texture is thick and it just will not blend! I applied it to my face when I just got out of the shower and the only thing it would do is streak all over my face. It looked like my face was dirty.

Can you see that it's slightly orange too!? And you can tell that the area around my mouth and cheeks just looks dirty?! I ended up buffing it out with a flat top brush. It helped a little. 

The coverage of this is also pretty sheer. It didn't even out my skin tone and also didn't cover any blemishes.

Another disappointing quality about this TM is that it's sticky and gives me shiny spots. I definitely had to wear a powder over it and that just turns me off.

My ideal TM is something that I can apply quickly, usually with my fingers, and just go. I do not want to spend time buffing it in and applying a powder.

Another downside is the packaging. I hate this pump. I'm normally all about the pump, but this one dispenses waaaaay too much product. It's enough to probably cover your whole body.

The next product is the Clean & Sober Make-up Remover. I want to like this product and I keep using it to try and like it, but it's what it is. The packaging is adorable, the pump is perfect, and the gel in theory is a good idea.

Now for the formula, that's another story. I'm sorry but it sucks. It doesn't remove any mascara and anything darker than neutral, it just smears it around. I took off my make up with this remover and then I used my Sonia Kashuk one and it showed that I still had make up on.

The gel gives you a cooling sensation and a couple of times, it did sting my eye area. The smell is also great, but I just wish it removed my waterproof ANYTHING.

I did a little test with Too Faced waterproof eyeliner, NYX Jumbo pencil, Covergirl Lash Blast waterproof mascara, L'oreal gel eyeliner, Milani blush, and some Revlon red lipstick. I let the make up sit on my hand for about 30 mins before I tried to take it off so it would set. You can see what it removed for yourself and what my Sonia Kashuk make up remover took off. 

This is the Sonia Kashuk one. As you can see, after a light swipe it has already started to take off the waterproof stuff.
This is the UD one. As you can see, it didn't do ANYTHING for the waterproof stuff.
Last thing I bought was one of their loose pigments. Where to start on this one ... The look of the packaging is nice. It has a good weight to it, but whoever designed it was on crack. It's completely impractical and the screw top, it makes the pigment go EVERYWHERE as soon as you open the top.

The brush is your typical eyeshadow brush, but it's unusable bc there is so much pigment on it that there is a lot of fallout and it smears. It's just a bloody mess.

I wanna love these products but man this was a waste.  Has anyone else tried these products? Love? Hate?


Marie said...
September 15, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Thanks for your honest reviews and pictures. I have never tried any of these and I'm glad you were able to review them.:D

***** Marie *****

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