Haulage: TJ Maxx

SOOOOOO if you live near a TJ Maxx, I would recommend going there soon because they're having their end of the season sale. Everything is dirt cheap and super affordable. It is just as cheap as going thrifting.

I was only going to browse, but I ended up getting a bunch of things and the best part is that I only spend $22.

I got these Guess shorts for  $5. I never really buy anything by Guess anymore bc the sizes are always off and nothing really flatters my body type. These shorts actually fit and I was so surprised.

I got this top/dress. I'm really short so this fits like a dress on me, but I'm sure on taller girls, it would be a top. This was $2

I got this black dressy top, that I plan on wearing either as a dress or over some leggings. It has a slit on the front but it's long in the back. This was $3

I also picked up this skirt for $3. I was torn between getting this or not bc the front was linting a little bit, but it was so cheap. It's a pretty knit material in ruffles and would look good in the winter time.

These shoes were a great deal. They were only $3.  Every girl needs a pair of gold party shoes and since these are so cheap, I don't mind if they become ruined.

Last thing I bought was this Betsy Johnson make up bag. It was only $5 and it's so roomy and fits a lot of things on there. It comes in green and blue too. 

What did you guys buy lately!?


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