August Regretful Purchases ...

I'm constantly watching youtube videos and reading blogs on the best new products out there and it's always so sad when things don't work out. I like about 3 hrs away from a Sephora and 45 mins away from a real mall with dept store counters, so when things don't work out, I'm stuck with them.

This month, I only went home once and it was for a wedding. I literally pre-planned my trip home weeks and weeks in advanced, making just the right list of things I know I had to try. I'm loving a lot of the things I bought, but somethings I'm just not convinced about.

I feel like this first product is going to spark a lot of controversy, but let me tell you I don't dislike this mascara, but I'm not convinced that it's HG like some bloggers claim. I like the wand (especially the tip) but the mascara formula is not really the best I've tried. It doesn't hold my curl well and it flakes. And for $22, my drugstore mascara works just as well. 

Another product on my list of neutrals is the Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiaging Face Primer. I don't dislike this primer, but it's pricey and I've used better. I think this primer should be turned into a face moisturizer and if the label said that, I think I would like it better.

I heard that this primer makes a lot of people oily and breaks them out.  I don't have that problem, but I'm used to using primers with silicone in it (which is probably not good for my skin), but I like the results. 

The main problem I have with this primer is that it dries my skin out and I've used it with a lot of different foundations (from MAC, Smashbox, MUFE). It makes my foundation cakey too.  

Inglot makes some of the best products out there, but this one just didn't work for me. I didn't get a chance to swatch it before I bought it bc I had my little brother purchased it for me in Vegas. 

I purchased one of the regular blushes and one of the AMC blushes. For a couple of dollars more, I would most definitely recommend the AMC blushes. They're 10x more pigmented and matte. If you're not sure the difference see my original Inglots post.

This regular blush is super pretty in the pan but not very pigmented when swatched. And no matter how much I pick up, it doesn't show up on my skin. Another thing I don't like about it is that the shimmer particles are pretty large and not very fine. I couldn't even get it to show up enough for a picture.

This is the regular blush ...

This is the AMC blush ...


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