REVIEW: Guerlain Terracotta Skin in 02 Brunette

I've been in such a make up rut lately. I want something new, but there just isn't anywhere for me to go and get new things but online. It sucks! 

According to Sephora's website, this is the info ... 

What it is:
A matte foundation with a velvety powder finish.

What it does:
This hybrid foundation perfects the skin with the sheer coverage of a powder. The Terracotta Skin texture is extremely creamy, owed to a blend of powders and volatile oils combined with an elastomer gel. In just a few seconds, its texture melts into the skin to reveal a healthy-looking complexion.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Sulfates
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

I recently made a Sephora order and I got a sample of the Guerlain terracotta skin healthy glow foundation. This foundation only comes in 2 shades (01 Blonde or 02 Brunette). I actually don't really like the shade selection bc I'm yellow undertoned and this foundation was definitely too dark (which is nearly impossible for me bc i'm in my summer shade) and too pink.

The little sample packet contained enough foundation for 2 full applications with a little bit left over. I applied it in my bathroom and then walked outside. That's when I discovered the shade variation. I don't know many brunettes that are THAT tan and needs something this dark. I wonder if the other shade is a better match.

The best thing I love about this foundation is the texture of it. It's so smooth and creamy and literally just glides onto your skin. I applied it with my E.L.F. studio flat top brush and didn't have any problems blending it out.

The only thing I HATED about the foundation was the smell. It doesn't smell like make up, it smells like a giant bottle of old ppl perfume!!! It has a very heavy rosy smell that takes a long time to go away! I didn't mind it bc the texture made up for the smell, I just wish it was my shade. Some people love it bc it reminds them of Chanel, but I don't think it does. It's a way heavier smell.

- Texture
- Consistancy
- Easy to apply
- Lightweight

- Smell
- Color selection
- Coverage
- Price


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